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Mafia Iii Dlc 'faster Baby!' Review [ps4]

Discussion in 'Non-Bethesda Games' started by WildHogKing, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, bored and I just finished Mafia III's new DLC 'Faster Baby!' so I decided I'll type up a review of it. Spoiler-free. I played this on PS4 btw.

    The DLC's story is quite good, similar to Mafia III's main storyline. Unlike that storyline however, it isn't repetitive and is quite fun, while still revolving around the same core gameplay (i.e. go talk to this person, do this, repeat). Instead of just clearing areas (which is still involved, although in new unique areas), you do a lot of driving and car chases, and a new sort of "demolition-derby" activity where you try to smash into as much stuff with your car and do as much damage as possible, and it's very fun.
    I actually felt that the developers read upon a lot of the issues that Mafia III originally had and tried to do it right with this DLC. There are new great outfits (my personal favorite is called The Experience, which is a clear nod to the great Jimi Hendrix) and cars, the storyline isn't repetitive, and it looks consistently better (although still looks not so great at points). I remember at one point I was exploring a new theme park and a huge ferris wheel loomed above me, the bright lights flashing over the landscape and it looked great.
    Unfortunately, there are still issues. It doesn't worsen, but definitely doesn't fix upon, the small bugs and issues plaguing the game. Nothing serious or game breaking, but noticeable and annoying. One thing that they did pretty well in the original game that lacked in this story is character development. There's not many new characters introduced, but the two I'd like to talk about are the most prominent character featured in Faster Baby! and the antagonist. The first is Roxy Laveau, daughter of the Voice and civil rights activist. She is met immediately, and is involved in the majority of the main story. It's clear that Lincoln is interested in her by the beginning, but it never goes anywhere. They never have a conversation that isn't directly related to the story, and then somehow at the end [VERY SMALL SPOILER] they're in a relationship. That really confused me. Now onto Sheriff Slim Beaumont. He's an interesting character I suppose, but there's absolutely nothing to him. He's just a blind racist with no motive other than to keep blacks out, to the extent of cold-blood murder in the streets. I really wish there had been more to him because he had potential (and AMAZING voice acting I must add, his accent is perfect).
    One of the things they did not fix was stuff to do other than the main story. Yes, there's a very unique weed farm thing (talk more later), but other than that there's nothing. Sinclair Parish is absolutely barren. After finishing the story and maxing my weed farm, I was bored again. And this leads to my biggest issue with the DLC. It is incredibly short. I finished everything in the main story in about 2-3 hours. The weed farm took maybe an hour and a half to max. There's nothing to explore, no one to talk to, nothing. I finished it all in a day (after I got home from school might I add).
    On the other hand, one of the best new features in the DLC is the weed farm, called Herbalism. It's very unique and interesting, with entirely unexpected levels of depth. Essentially you grow weed in a farm, and then once it's grown you choose a district in New Bordeaux to sell it in. You must choose which one you sell in based on their preferred flavor, their demand, and a few other factors I don't remember entirely. As you grow and make more profit, a hippie named MJ will send you to search for more strains of weed around the world, and each new strain is different. It's a really good feature.
    So overall, I give it a solid 7/10. If the main game had been made like this was made, it'd be much better. Too short, but good. If you picked up the season pass, I would definitely give it a try. Otherwise, I don't quite believe in the $15 pricetag solely because of the length. I can't wait to see what else Hangar 13 has to put out for us, and I was pleasantly surprised as this was the DLC I was least excited for.

    Thanks for reading everyone, feel free to comment what you thought about the DLC.
  2. I got the collector edition (huge mistake) so I think it came with the season pass so I'll probably try this after the rest of the story shit comes out. But the title makes me cringe
  3. Lmfaooooo I feel u bro, wasted $80 on this ting

    Wish they added more shit to do tho cus all im stuck with are these boring ass "get tis weed strand" missions. But i do like the location a lotttty cus its always clear (the rain in the game looks fuckin disgustinggg)
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