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Official Skyrim Special Edition Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Skyrim' started by Crossforge, Aug 2, 2016.


Are you planning to play Skyrim Remastered?

  1. Console Gamer Here, better graphics and mods? Shut up and take my Septims!

    9 vote(s)
  2. PC Gamer Here, why not its a free upgrade

    18 vote(s)
  3. Console Gamer Here, no I'm not buying it again, even for the mods

    1 vote(s)
  4. PC Gamer Here, no already modded out and doing just fine with the old version.

    10 vote(s)
  1. I just tried The Special edition, and there was a graphical problem with the cart ride (Some sort of fritz thing on the apparel or something) Which made the old game I modded look good by comparison. Plus, I use mods and do not save until done playing for the day anyways,
  2. I can't imagine rocking about with twenty followers.. I want to try now.
    It's like the dragonborn leading his own faction
  3. hijacked this thread and stickied it, gonna make a rating thread soon

    also going to buy the 2 dlc's I don't have on pc so I can actually try this out later
  4. so i pre ordered this shit like 4 hours before release bc i wanted somethin to plsy while waiting for titanfall 2 to be delivered. game looks pretty good, loading times are like 4 seconds, mods are pretty stable on ps4, buuuut theres really nothing besides small touches, cheat chestd, and a few castle homes rn

    i aint play skyrim for abt a year now, so this is like a breath of fresh air
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  5. >barely any mods on ps4 cuz no external assets sony bs
  6. Having 20 companions following you is something of an exercise in patience since they don't and can't be moved out of the way. Also, even the hardest enemies become walks in the park with 20 semi-overpowered NPCs and the PC attacking at roughly the same time. Go with around 4-5 at the same time and have the others have a set home -- which in and of itself is a chore to find since most House mods are more about style and flare over genuine usability and tend to be small even with the player. The only time you should bring 20 companions is when you do the Civil War battles.

    Thought they solved that whole show. Is the rules for PS4 still the vague same?
  7. Was thinking of having all the housecarls, that may be to OP
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  8. no external assets, and a 600mb limit I think
  9. I thought ps4 skyrim got one solitary gig?
  10. The Creation Kit was released publicly just few hours ago so more console mods should begin to show up.

    And due to the "no external assets", the 1GB space for PS4 mods is never going to be an issue, unlike the 5GB for Xbox One.
  11. Could anyone clarify for me as I just can't find anything on it, but the relationship overhaul mod is supposed to add heaps of lines etc.. but I see it says something about "rivals" is rivals just npc's who don't particularly like you? Or some mod where designated npcs challenge and insult you.
  12. All the reviews are really starting to annoy me. Discounting the ones that say the graphics suck, there is a common theme that one should only buy the game if one does not already own Skyrim.

    Not only is that bloody obvious, it's also incredibly stupid. If you already own game/DLCs on PC you get the remaster for free! Free! Let me repeat, free! But what about consoles? Well, since there is no remaster for last gen consoles, and no original Skyrim for current gen consoles, it makes no sense to tell people not to buy the remaster if they already have the original. I mean, think about.

    The reason this remaster exists is for XBox One and PS4 players. They're the only ones who need to buy it. They do NOT have the original Skyrim for XB1 or PS4 because they don't exist! By buying the game for XB1 and PS4 you now have the game for your current console PLUS you get the remastered graphics and updated engine PLUS you get modding support.

    p.s. For those PC users who refused to pay $5 on principle to get the last DLC in their set, and are now whining that the remaster is $60: Bwa ha ha! Ha ha! ROTFLMAOASMPGIGGLE!
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  13. Where is this new creation kit? I'm unable to find it anywhere. It is on Bethesda.net or Steam?

    Edit: Never mind, I found it. One must update and restart the Bethesda.net launcher in order to see it. Time to update my mods.
  14. Skyrim SE kinda fucked me in a sense that it crashed when it was ordering the load order after you installed mods and it wont open after launcher
  15. ok, ps4 mods not that bad. got a lot of lore-friendly mods available

    tbh i think its bethesda thats holding back modding limits. theres no real reason for sony to not give ps players the full modding experience. bethesda was prob paid by microsoft to delay the full experience to boost their sales lmao

    buuut limitations never stopped us from creating amazing mods. Still waiting on a variant of wet n cold and a deployable campaite to come n ill be happy
  16. God I still need to play it on the PC... I mean I started a new playtrough but then I somehow went back to Fallout New Vegas which after a 100 hours I still haven't finished :p
  17. This weekend is when I port a few of my mods over. I think I can upload them for XB1 and PS4 without actually owning a console, but we'll see.

    p.s. Needed to update to last week's NVidia driver to get rid of bad flicker, but it looks awesome now.
  18. Nope, not buying it. The explanation makes sense. Sony is still in old school mode wanting to micromanage their platforms. They're afraid of random users uploading anything vaguely resembling an executable onto their platform. They're afraid of kids running nude mods, or worse, mods using copyrighted assets from other games. In today's litigious world, Sony's fears aren't entirely unjustified.

    What doesn't make sense is the idea that Microsoft would pay Bethesda to damage their revenue stream. That would have to be a pretty big payout, and you can't hide that in a publicly traded company.
  19. I think this is the first chance I will get to really play with Skyrim. I have always been putting it off, not wanting to mod in everything to make it look pretty, etc. Now that they have added the built in mod support and 'enhanced' graphics, I have already put a couple hours into it. I just find it hard sometimes to play it for a long period of time. I typically get bored of exploration after an hour or two. I just have to suck it up, I know people claim Skyrim is the best thing since sliced bread.
  20. i was lit like a christmas tree writing that lol mb

    but still i think sony gonna give in to external shit soon, id say by the end of the year we'll get an update on whats gonna happen

    and if any of yall can make a mod wheres theres a chest full of like 1000 oghma infiniums in whiterun for playstation, you the real mvp

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