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    1. Games

      Where anything about gaming belongs.
      1. Mass Effect

        Anything about the Mass Effect games, including the upcoming Andromeda.
      2. Bethesda Published Games

        Discussion about Bethesda as a whole.
      3. Nintendo

        Discuss Nintendo games here.
      4. Modding

        All supported moddable games will have a place to be discussed here
    2. Community

      All of our community driven forums are grouped here.
      1. Elder Scrolls VI Wishlist

        A place to post your wishlist for the upcoming unannounced Elder Scrolls 6 title.
      2. Community Corner

        The place for topics about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digital editing, miscellaneous content, etc. Upload your content here!
      3. Talk To a Youtuber!

        Ever wanted to ask something or have a discussion with your favorite Youtuber? Well, now you can!
    3. General

      Where forums who have no relation to any other category go.
      1. Introduce Yourself!

        Don't be shy new wastelanders, come and introduce yourself to everyone!
      2. Off Topic

        General discussion area where nothing has an official place, but other users are interested in discussing!
      3. IRL Topics

        Discuss specific topics centered around life outside the internet.
    4. SB Related

      Any staff openings, suggestions for enhancements, news, etc. related to the website go here.
      1. SugarBombed Information

        Anything information based will be posted here
      2. The Pitt

        Where Threads go to die.
    5. Technology

      Everything technology based, from hardware to software, goes here!
      1. Hardware Discussion and Help

        If you need help building a PC or want to discuss hardware, this is the place to do it!
      2. Programming/Development

        Anything having to do with development or programming belongs in here
    6. Articles

      Where everything for our official articles finds a home!
      1. Published Articles

        Where potential articles go once they're edited and published to the front page.
      2. Article Discussion

        The place for users to discuss anything related to SB's article system, including applying to become a writer, guidelines on how to write properly, and any other questions.

    Recent Posts

    1. CJTreader2001

      Cyberpunk 2052

      Mason just stands there, staring out in the distance, and contemplating the morality of what they'd just done. He had been angry and frustrated. Hewanted justice for Mangler's crimes,but was that really justice? Is murdering a murderer any less...

    2. Dairekor Unwalath
    3. loveroffallout

      Fallout NV I Need Some Creative Build Ideas!

      play as some that has no armor but loves chems hates the NCR love guns and hand to hand combat

    4. Spagelo

      Official SugarBombed State Of The Forum

      Potato I told you when my donations ended and I repeat: this site's contemporary nature has killed it. Take the staff make something new. Something that will last. At it's core, SB is still a Fallout 4 hype site. No matter how many extra features...

    5. Dairekor Unwalath

      Fallout NV A Return To A Modern Classic

      I've been playing FO4 since it came out over a year ago. It has its fair share of criticisms but I enjoy it. The type of enjoyment I feel for it and the older ones like 3 or NV are a different type of enjoyment. I enjoy the older ones for an in...

    6. Dairekor Unwalath

      Question I Need Some Help

      I was in the same boat as you a few months ago. If that's how you feel then you can leave and go some place that you would actually enjoy being at. If you don't like SB then leave nobody will stop you

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