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Pixies Gig Review
A live show perspective by Adam

On the 8th of December I saw one of the most influential bands of the 1980's. The Pixies. It was an opportunity I never thought I'd ever get. For those that don't know the Pixies, here's a little history.

The Pixies were formed in 1986. Charles Thompson, Joey Santiago, David Lovering and Kim Deal made up the original line up of the group. Deal actually became the bassist of the group by answering an advertisement in a newspaper that Thompson and Santiago had placed. For 7 years the Pixies created 4 earth shattering albums. Albums which influenced Nirvana and Radiohead amongst many others. Even David Bowie was a big fan. In 1993 they split up; very, very, very nastily. In 2004 however all the bad blood vanished and they reformed. They even made a song for Shrek 2, called Bam Thwok. Sadly it wasn't added to the film. But it's a fucking great song. Deal left the Pixies in 2012. Since then the Pixies have a new bassist, Paz Lenchantin and have made 2 new albums. The latest album "Head /Carrier" is what they are promoting currently.

Let me set the scene for you all. The O2 Academy in...
Final Fantasy XV Review: Bros Over Plot Holes
and a commentary on open world design by allout

Developer(s): Square Enix

Publisher(s): Square Enix
Engine: Luminous Studio
Platform(s): PS4/Xbox One (PC version forthcoming)
Release date(s): November 29th, 2016
Genre(s): Open-World RPG/Action-Adventure
Mode(s): Single-player (Multiplayer/Co-op DLC planned)

Disclaimer: This review was sort of a stream of consciousness, and I go on a tangent about open world games in general so bear with me. I also compare FFXV to TW3 quite a lot since that is the closest comparison to it...
By PipBoyofSteel155

So, recently I’ve been scouting the Elder Scrolls forums, waiting for opportunities to share the triumphs and adventures of the many embodiments of the Nerevarine that I have created. To my surprise, not a lot of modern Elder Scrolls players actually have a lot of those moments. The thing is, I don't want to be that specific guy that tries to "convert" people like it’s some kind of religion, but I do want to open some people's eyes. I, for one, decided to make the leap to an even earlier game, Daggerfall, and so far I think I've clocked over 20 hours, enjoying most of it (Other than getting lost in the dungeons that it procedurally generates.)

In this article, I will be discussing what makes Morrowind great, why it can still be played today, how it blurs the line between the classic CRPG experience with total player freedom, how it can be applied to gaming today, and most of all, how you can learn to enjoy it so you can have the best experience with one of the best open world sandbox games ever designed....
Fallout 4: An Abusive Love Story
Probably a Review by Adam

On the 10th November 2015 at 11:30pm, I began queuing outside my local video game emporium to be one of the first people to get my hands on Fallout 4. It was a cold, wet, shitty night. There were 5 or 6 people in front of me in the queue. Mostly neckbearded, fat twats who stank of BO. At roughly 12:10am, I got the game. I rushed back home and let it load. In the morning I began playing it. I was giddy with anticipation. I'd seen the trailer hundreds of times. I even said to my dog "Let's go pal" when we'd go for walks. Fallout 4 was coursing through my body.

Then I started to play it. Ok, the first couple of hours were filled with "OOOOOH", "AAAAAAH" and "WOOOOAH" but after that, I became disenchanted with it. It was and still is a visually stunning game. The graphics are incredible. From the little details on Dogmeat's fur to picturesque beauty of a dilapidated skyline. But...
Beholder Review
A Steam Game Review
Developer(s): Warm Lamp Games
Publisher(s): Alawar Entertainment
Engine: Unity 3D
Platform(s): Windows, macOS, Linux
Release date(s): November 9, 2016
Genre(s): Adventure, strategy
Mode(s): Single-player

(Information from Wikipedia)

The night grows dark as the hours tick by, you creep through the halls of your humble tenant building, your trusty keys at your waste. As you make your way passed apartment one, the residence of that nice old lady, who, just yesterday baked your family that succulent pie: you smile at the memory of sweet blueberries. But, your mind turns back to that sound from behind the door labelled one. You peer through the key hole. She's sat alone on her bed, she's crying. You shake your head. Just like her husband....