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New Profile Posts

  1. Parkeee
    Parkeee Adam
    Adam? I see all this about you leaving- what's going on? Message me on facebook or something if you get a chance.
    1. Adam
      The bad men say I can't leave. I'm valuable. Plus they don't want to be known as the people that deleted the great Adam. lol. I'm not going. I just won't come on often. It's not like there's even a reason to come on here anymore.
      Feb 21, 2017 at 10:25 PM
    2. Adam
      But now whenever I come on here the chat has one person. It's sad how these so called moderators have let a once beautiful website collapse on itself. This site is just a husk. A shell of its former great self.
      Feb 21, 2017 at 10:27 PM
  2. BaconRelish
  3. Paladin Smuggy
    Paladin Smuggy
    I sometimes hop on and off the website now and then but I try to come on!
  4. Flowey
    Insanity is my aesthetic
  5. Vaultdweller23
    Resident Evil & has taken over my life!
  6. Spartan_0420
    Things are kinda getting better....sorta
  7. Nova Storm
    Nova Storm
    | "What are you in for?" | "Everything..." |
  8. Skeletal
    I'm still here.
  9. Scribe Slendy
    Scribe Slendy
    PAX South coverage is going up
  10. Nova Storm
    Nova Storm
    Wow the roleplay section here is still as bad as it was back in the beta! Jezz what the fuck?! So bullshit that i can't roleplay how i wish.
  11. guul66
    guul66 Gaku teh gr8
    Lier lier pants on fier.
    Gaku teh gr8 likes this.
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    2. Gaku teh gr8
      Gaku teh gr8
      also m8 join discord again u tomato sandwich
      Feb 11, 2017
    3. guul66
      what discord, i don't want to join ur shitty discord, use sb chat if you want to speak with sb
      Feb 11, 2017
      Gaku teh gr8 likes this.
    4. guul66
      i use discord to spek2ppl who not sb
      Feb 11, 2017
      Gaku teh gr8 likes this.
  12. Nova Storm
    Nova Storm
    I am back. I guess. Phazeing in and out of egsistance.
  13. Flowiest Joui
    Flowiest Joui
    Dam you Telstra!! I shall be online to RP and GM when possible but it doesn't seem likely
  14. spaceageGecko
    Ad Victoriam!
  15. heulboje21
    Do you remember the times when republicans used to try removing a wall? Germanyball remembers!
  16. TristanThePest
    Playing something that isn't Fallout 4 :(
  17. guul66
    guul66 Huff
    i've trod seven lands and seas, fought fierce beasts, completed unbeatable challenges in search of the legendary "huff". Now that I've found you, I must ask for your wisdom. Are the legends truthful in nature, with little lies added? Do you really eat a lot of pussy?
    1. Huff
      Jan 29, 2017
      guul66 likes this.
    2. guul66
      teach me caucasian sensei
      Jan 29, 2017
  18. guul66
    guul66 Pencil Head
    Pencil Head likes this.
  19. Gaku teh gr8
    Gaku teh gr8
    For real, I'm back now.
    1. guul66
      Jan 28, 2017
      Gaku teh gr8 likes this.
    2. Gaku teh gr8
      Gaku teh gr8
      Truth, actually.
      Feb 2, 2017
    3. guul66
      it took you 5 days to respond.
      bich wen i sai lies its lies.
      Feb 2, 2017
      Gaku teh gr8 likes this.
  20. guul66
    guul66 Huff
    member when shit was good and then i got pissed at u for a joke but that joke was bad so i'm not saying sorry but anyway it was really cool when u wanted me to kill stuff in fonline but i didn't want to so i didn't kill stuff but u were ultra mad and so it was funny but u gave me some stuff and i thought you stole my tent and stuff but i didn't have a tent with that weeb so anyway good times.
    Huff likes this.