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Anyone Still Playing Fallout Shelter?

Discussion in 'Fallout Shelter' started by DarkKitarist, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. I'm thinking of getting back into it myself :p Since I was banned from Pokemon GO, because F**k niantic :D

    Does anyone know if they took out the 200 people limit in the game?
  2. The 200 dweller limit is still there, yes. But I've been playing it since launch, and I still love it. Only game on my phone, because it's all I need.
  3. Couldn't get it to work on my original phone but once I upgraded to a new phone I could get it to work. My original vault 0 is maxed out with lots of people and rooms and my second vault 29 is a survival one that I'm slowly building up and will eventually have it inhabited by identical people all named Adam 1 to Adam 200. Just like the Gary's. Aaaadaaaaam?!?
  4. Damn... My phone can take it BETHESDA! I want an unlimited people count! But yeah I started playing it yesterday :p

    I maxed it on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and now I'm on a Galaxy S7 Edge and my original vault 666 is still so full There is a line to oblivion outside :D
  5. My original Vault was in the early days of quests, and the whole thing turned into a glitch mess. I sent my best people, with my best weapons, out on a quest. The very first enemies we fight get the X's over their eye as if they've died, but they kept walking around doing the dazed/defeated animation. Basically, I was fighting zombies. Invincible zombies to boot, because my dwellers kept attacking them despite the fact they were dead, and so I couldn't do anything except watch with sadness.
  6. They're dead Jim :D And yeah once your dwellers are above a certain level they're machines...

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