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Cyberpunk 2052

Discussion in 'Roleplay section' started by Arch Draitex, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. #1 Arch Draitex, Dec 29, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017

    Lore, Character creation and Out of Character talk.

    Following the Economy collapse, which was way back these days, the Corporations aided America greatly, although to no small benefit to themselves.

    The Corporations controlled the markets, the people and therefore their own profits and the influence they gained vastly increasing, USA went from being ''free'' and ''independent'' to be a country led by corporations.

    it was far too late for America to stop it, with the Millitary, Police and Government all now led by and/or influenced by the MegaCorporations.

    At first it was amazing, New Technologies in medicine, computers, entertainment, robotics, augmentation and weaponry, Flights to mars became regular happenings, People could be cured from diseases thought uncureable, and people went on with their lives now vastly improved and their problems reduced.

    With the companies however controlling, several areas and cities, they also soon controlled the job market, which mean, they controlled both the people and the land itself.
    The people who refuses to work live either as nomads or underground criminals, assassins or hackers.

    Eventually however the MegaCorps decided, that they did not want to share this power which sparked a war inbetween them, how many wars exactly, people can't remember, the fourth was during 2021, and it has gone through countless defeats, victories, ceasefires and treaties since then.

    These past years, the New Corp War has been in full motion, A fullscale war between coroporations, all competing of becoming a major player in controlling California, The war raged on for many years, complete with new technology in both Weaponry with Cyber warfare.

    Exactly what sparked the war, We don't know, most likely some son of a CEO decided it'd be a good idea.

    Eventually something that shocked all of us, even the CEO and MegaCorp leaders, was that this time, a new player entered the fray, He called himself ''Mike Hunt'' at first, Showed up on every display and monitor in Cali, as he explained that he had come to turn the tides!

    Most battles were not firefights in the fields, it was more or less CEO's sending private Armies and Assassins after the other CEO's making threats and messages, to either eradicate the Company or merge with them.

    And most Assassins are Augmented, along with many of the soldiers, and ''Mike Hunt'' Released the New and Improved Demon Virus.

    A virus that merges with the augmentations controlling them, and sending impulses to the brain of the Individual, basically turning him into a puppet.
    Before it could trigger impulses and manipulat minds, but never to this extent, Even the best Hackers have trouble dealing with this Virus

    In one move ''Mike hunt'' Had turned all Augmented soldiers to his side, they fired on their own, the civillians and killed themselves in large numbers, this would later start another Riot against Augmented Humans.

    The Companies went into lockdown and put the war on a ceasefire

    Night City the ''Free City of Northern California'' A few miles from SanFran remains open, but now under complete control of the Japanese-American Corps.
    All of the companies in an uneasy and unstable temproarily alliance, they keep out from eachother, and avoid eachother mostly, but the occasional fighting in between the companies occures.

    SanFran has been taken over by the European companies, and it remains open too, but under the rule from the European Mega Corps, and it's the same story there, none of the companies work together, but they are stuck in their alliance untill further notice.

    But everything inbetween is either controlled by Nomads, or the ''Mike Hunt Army'' now that area is known as
    the No mans Land. Due to the Nomads and the MH Army Blocking the whole Area.

    The MegaCorps were far from perfect, but they didn't kill civillians for sport, and even though their wars influenced the rest of the people, the people hired by any of the Mega Corporations, were under their protection.
    Mike Hunt has no such ties, and that makes him dangerous, he has been unseen since his first initial attack, but strange things are happening, MH Army attacking several Corporation Millitary outposts.

    They have started Manufactering weapons, enslaving Nomads, and kidnap people
    We can't really be sure, since this is just a lot of talk, but everything seems to support the claims.

    The Mega Corps are starting to recruit people, every day to fight off the MH Army incase an attack would occur.

    ((This is a smaller map of Night City, I will expand it as we go along))
    Inside NightCity


    guul66 Winged Hussar CJTreader2001
    You awake to the sound of rain pouring against your roof, inside of the Central part of Night City.

    Even though it's morning it appears to be night, the towering buildings from the Corporate Plaza and Corporate Center, leaving a big part of the city in shadows, The thick smog spreaded across the sky.

    outside people walk around in masses, not a single face seems detailed or distinguished, they all blend in to the masses of the city, but you are not part of the masses are you?

    inside your abode, a letter has been left during the night, asking you and three other people for assistance, asking you to go to the East Marina.

    It does not appear to be a threat, it more resembles an invitation than anything else..


    ''Oliver West'', Nathan ''Zed'' Smith, Arseny "Kulak" Petrov, and Mason Schmidt.

    We require your assistance, and would be much delighted to have a word with you, an exact copy of this letter has been sent to all of you.

    We would like to speak with you about pressing matters, both to you and ourselves, inside the East Marina you'll find a temporary location set up, behind containers, look for the Container marked with L.G, we will be waiting for you to appear there at midnight in 2 days time.

    We've payed off the security there, you will not have any cops or guards bothering you, but there might still be danger.

    There are several Fixers, criminals, Drug addicts and Rockerboys in the area, smartest thing would be avoiding them, but if that's not an option you have our permission to neutralize any threat you come across inside the Marina, but be on your guard.

    Sincerely, L.G

    We have also provided you with 500 Eb each in cash, we'd prefer you'd use this money instead of giving you access to our own accounts. this way it won't be traced back to us.


    We have also provided you with 500 Eb each, we'd prefer you'd use this money instead of our own. so it won't be traced back to us.
  2. Arseny climbs out of his bed, rubbing his tiredly. Noticing the letter, he picks it up and reads over it, talking to his overseer over a Bluetooth device.

    "Hey Katya, are you seeing this?"
    "I am, Senya. Looks to be an invitation if anything."
    "Well, what should I do for the time being?"
    "Wait, maybe scout the area out a bit before plannng to go there."
    "Thank you. Out"

    As Arseny gets dressed for the day, he glances out on the sprawling Metropolis that is Night City. It was almost embarrassing how much they polluted around here, but then again, his corp wasn't perfect either.

    After eating breakfast and brushing his teeth, he packs up his Special Operations pistol and rifle in his suit, as always, and climbs onto his Motorcycle outside, heading towards the East Marina.
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  3. Peters looked at the note for a moment. Someone knew his name. Shit.
    Another problem - someone about the outposts, or at least this one. And they knew what outpost he was staying at exactly.
    Noone else was there that morning. That means he needed to get out and report that shit before he gets iced. Within a few seconds he got his stuff, went outside, locked the door and he was off. The morning air was cool and refreshing.
    The perfect environment to start running.
    He used his metal arm and a zipline to get to a nearby roof, which was the perfect place to start parkouring towards the next outpost.
    Leap from the rooftops, balance yourself on the fire exit rails, use the pipes to get higher, jump on the walkway connecting the houses, now wallrun on that billboard, hah, made it dirty, now grab the pipe, use the momentum, jump - and you're on the railings, now you have a little running to do before it gets fun again...
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  4. As Zed reloads his rifle with his last magazine, he jumps through a car window, steps on the gas pedal, and pulls the steering wheel toward him as the car floats into the sky, Zed kicks his door open as he fires into the dozens of trained assassins going after him, Zed is shot several times, but he remains stalwart, and endures every bullet as he tosses his now empty rifle, zed takes charge he jumps out of the car firing his two automatic pistols into the assassins, all of them screaming in agony for every bullet Zed send their way.

    As Zed equips his jet pack and soar to the skies, he is shot right through his head, as his lifeless corpse falls down and hits the pavement.

    as everything goes black before his eyes a text appers reading ''GAME OVER''

    ''YOU FUCKING CHEATING PRICK'' Zed yells as he removes his VR headset.

    ''this is the last fuckin time i ever play Ninja Soldiers, with you, i swear to god.'' Zed yells as he punches his table, sending cans of soda and half eaten pizzas to the floor.

    ''Hey Zed it's just a game man'' a voice from the headset is heard.

    ''FUCK OFF!'' Zed yells as he drops out of the game and voice chat, as he puts his headset back on his head.

    As he kicks open his door he noticies the note left for him.

    ''Seriously?'' Zed says as he enters his voice chat again.

    ''Fuck you Rocco, you think you can scare me with this shit? who the fuck is LG? '' Zed asks his friend over the voice chat.

    ''seriously, Zed, I have no idea what you're on about'' the voice answers from the headset.

    ''sure you don't, well I guess I'll see you around fuck face.'' Zed says as he exits the chat again and puts his headset on his forhead as he notices the cash in the letter.

    ''score!'' Zed says as he takes the money and heads out from his trailer near the lake Park.
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  5. Wakes up in his City Center apartment, and sees a note on his desk. as he reads the note, he looks around instinctively, unsettled by the idea that somebody broke into his apartment without him knowing. he puts his drone and laptop in his backpack, and grabs his phone and slips his pistol in his hoodie pocket. This seems legit, but he can't shake this nagging feeling that he's being set up. He feeds his cat and texts his girlfriend, "Hey, I've got some business today, but wanna meet up tonight at your place?" After a few minutes, she texts back, "Sure, but what 'business' do you have today?" "Some people just wanted to meet up in the East Marina. Not sure if I should say much more," he replies as he walks out the door and slips his phone in his pocket.
  6. as the evening is young Zed heads toward the Marina, as he conceals his smartgun in his pocket and goes toward the container area, he comes across 3 people, looking very drunk and high as they chant poetry and rock lyrics back and forth, Zed avoids them by a hair, as he hides behind a container grabbing his gun firmly, as a a guy with ragged hair approaches him from behind

    ''hey dude, what's happening here, we hiding from someone'' The ragged man says to zed as zed turns around fast but stumbles mid turn.

    ''yes, we are...we're hiding from uh... Xenophobes.'' Zed says as he stands up.

    ''oh man, I know those, i saw them in that alien movie, I'll keep a look out for any Xenophobes for you!'' the ragged man says as he squints his eyes looking around.

    ''...those are not... never mind.'' Zed says as he slowly walks away from the man now posing as a captain looking from the crow nest on a ship.

    Zed walks around looking for the container as he comes across a makeshift stage, where several rockerboys are performing, for about 2 dozens of stoners and drunks.

    ''YOU FUCKIN READY TO ROCK!'' is heard from the Rockerboy singer, as he strikes a power chord.

    Zed would have to go through the crowd to get to the larger container area, but it was too inactive now for him to slip by unnoticed, Zed stayed behind and looked at the stage waiting for a moment.
  7. Around the corner, use the fire exit to climb up, now slide down the ramp, jump, grab the pipe and swing onto it, another jump, grab the zipline and I'm heading towards the outpost. Damn, this is going to take a few.
  8. A jump and he landed infront of the stairs leading down to the bunker. He entered a code and opened the door, before running it, slamming it shut behind him.
    "Dee, where the fuck are you!?" He shouted, running deeper into the bunker, before stopping at an open doorway. "Calm down, whats up?" A woman replied, looking at Peters. "Someone knows my real name and the location of one of the outposts. They also knew I was at that outpost right when I was. Somethings up, get it on the network."
    "Damn, I'll get on that, then."
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  9. when Mason pulls up to the east marina, he take out his drone to scout out the area. As he flew the drone around with his phone, he didn't see any security or cops, so maybe this wasn't a setup. He set the drone to follow him and walked through the marina. He saw a small crowd around some rockers and a man looking out at the crowd. he turned on thermal-vision and saw that he had cyberoptics and an augmented left arm. This wasn't just another drunken bum. He snapped a picture of him with his cyberoptics and started searching the databases for his identity.
  10. "Nathan Smith," he mutter to himself as he looks at the info, "Nerunner, gamer, lives in a trailer park, people call him Zed. He was one of the other guys on the note." he slowly walks over to Zed, "Hey, Zed, It's Mason. Mason Schmidt. The note..."
  11. Zed eyes widen as he turns around fast, as he folds down his VR Cyber interface headset mask.
    ''I SURRENDER...'' Zed says in shock, before realizing the situatiation.

    Zed nods slightly as he fakes a laughter, trying to save his dignity.

    ''Mason, yes I recall that too, My name is Natha... people call me Zed, the best Netrunner in Night City!.. It's a pleasure to meet you!'' Zed says as he obviously tries to act tough.

    ''You didn't scare me by the way, it was just... a clever ruse incase you'd turn out to be a threat...yes.'' Zed says as he fakes another laughter.
    as he scans Mason with his VR visuallizing his code and network access on his phone.

    ''Huh, you a CrystalJock eh?.. Man those are rare these days, usually people use the Netrunner way, not gonna lie though, i am a bit jealous, no one knows how to program viruses and control applications like you.''
  12. \
    "Yes, of course," Mason says chuckling as he looks up at the large man towering above him, "I doubt a guy like you would ever be scared of someone like me, You know, we're mostly composed of cystaljocks, but our little group could use a talented netrunner..." "but back to business," he says, "have you found the containers?"
  13. As Arseny pulls up to the Marina later that evening, he hears commotion from one part of the district, sounding to him like music of some sort. Deciding he'd rather not be seen, he takes a less known path to the docks.

    "Well look who we found here. Some corp who decided he'd take an evening stroll. Looks like you found yourself in the wrong place, big guy."

    Arseny turns towards the voice, and sees a large, burly man with a Baseball bat and his petty thug cohorts behind him. They would be no threat to him, a minor nuisance. But the fact that he had to deal with them...

    "Stand aside, scum. You and I have no business with each other."
    "You know, ever since you and your corp kind have come to Night City, I've always felt a sort of...resentment, hatred, antagonism...whatever you'd call it, towards you folks." The big man says, running his hand up the length of his Baseball bag, then smashing it against a nearby Trash Can, flattening it.

    Looks like we're doing this the hard way though Arseny, gripping his rifle tentatively. As the man swings his bat, Arseny ducks at the last second, bringing his rifle to bear, putting one, two, three shots into the man's chest and face before he goes down. As his buddies try to rush him, he guns down three, but is ambushed by a fourth who comes out of a side alley.

    "You...slime...are really starting to...annoy me!" Shouts Arseny, as he grapples with the man. After managing to throw him to the ground, he takes out his pistol and fires two shots into the man's head. As he puts away his pistol, he hears the familiar crackle of the communicator.

    "...Senya, come in. Callsign Kulak, do you read..."
    "I'm here Katya."
    "Oh, thank God. What happened?"
    "Just some trouble, that's all. It's done with now."
    "Good. Are you at the set location?"
    Arseny looks up "More or less."
  14. *Several gunshots ring out in the marina* "What the fuck was that," Mason yells as he ducks for cover. He grabs his phone and flies the drone around the area searching for the source of the gunfire
  15. "I'll check the Marina about it, see you." Peters said and ran towards the exit. When outside he used a nearby ladder to climb higher, before wallrun-jumping onto a roof.
    He took a key out of his pocket and activated it, pointing towards a nearby platform on the roof of an house next to him. He ran up some forgotten scaffolding, before climbing up the wall to get on the roof. Then up the ladder and he was on the platform. He looked to his right and smirked: "I've always wanted to be a show-off." He thought, before starting to run, leaping just before the edge of the platform. After a few seconds in air the bike flew right below him, and he managed to jump on its seat and not fall off.
    After sitting down normally he started to take manual control of the driving.
    "Nearby Fast-Food joints, I'm fucking starving." He told the gps of the bike and hundreds of small dots started to litter the screen of the vehicle.
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    ''I have not found anything yet... unfortunatly... and yeah I guess I could ride with you sometime, I mostly do bypassing jobs myself.''

    ''HOLY FUCK'' Zed yells as he bolts behind a container for cover and connects his VR mask to his smartgun.

    ''I swear to fuck, I'll fuck you up if you come close'' Zed yells as he looks for the gunman, but as he looks the whole makeshift stage from before lights up in all manners of pyrotechnics and lasers. the main Rockerboy in the middle of the stage strikes a power chord.

    ''Lookie here! we have two lost little corporate birds lost in our turf!'' The rockerboy yells into his microphone as the crowd turns against Zed and Mason.

    several dozens of people, dressed in leather, piercings, colourful haristyles, all of them either drunk or high.

    ''LET'S GET 'EM!'' The Rockerboy shouted as he stepped into the spotlights revealing his long, blood red hair, along with a trimmed down beard, black as night.

    (These are far too many guys for 2 people to handle, we can either run or try to hold out untill we recieve aid.)
  17. After hearing a lot of shouting and foot steps from the concert players, Arseny mumbles under his breath. "Shit. I gotta get out of here." Looking around the alley, he found a rickety fire escape and hastily hoisted himself onto it, then running up the rest. Are reaching the roof, he caught the sight of two individuals with the use of his infrared vision. They seemed to be at risk of the stage. He needed a diversion, and fast...

    Pulling out his rifle, he spotted a fuel tank on the far side of the stage. Taking a deep breath, he fired in three two-shot bursts, and the tank went up in flames.
  18. Peters was reached the Marina and was quite close to the containers. He stopped his bike, leaving it to float, as he stood up on it and jumped off, grabbing a pipe during the leap. He let go of the pipe with one hand and took his bike keys out of his pocket, on which he pressed the "home" button and the bike flew away. After putting the keys back in his pocket he let go of the other hand and fell a meter or two down on the ground.
    And then he heard the explosion.
    He looked in the direction he thought it came from and decided to investigate, starting a sprint towards it.
  19. "You'll get the fuck outta here if you know what's good for you," Mason screams at the crowd. *huge explosion erupts from a gas tank* "We have people here," he scream as he turns on thermal vision and sends a virus to the couple of augmented people in the crowd. It wasn't the most dangerous virus, but it might sow some more chaos and cause them to disperse. The augmented fell too the floor and started shaking erratically as if they were having a seizure. After this, some ran screaming, but others stood their ground. "You fuckin' corporate prick," one man screams as he runs forward and punches Maaon with his gloved hand, shocking Mason on impact.

  20. Zed fires his smartgun at some of the attackers, his robot arm being perfectly moved by the Cyber interface as it directs it to target, after target.

    ''Holy fuckin shit...'' Zed says silently as one of the attackers falls down.

    Zed shoots at Mason's attacker, but as soon as Zed fires his gun, the Redhaired Rockerboy appears before him and Mason.

    ''Wait, wait, wait... You can't fight like this... I'll go ahead and disable your phones and weapons'' The Redhaired Rockerboy says as he sends an EMP pulse, disabling Mason and Zed's phones and equipment.

    ''We'll settle this with our fists.'' the Redhaired Rockerboy says as he approaches a big guy dressed in leather and studds. '' this here is Mackie, and he'll be fighting you, '' the Rockerboy says as his crowd form a large circle around Mason, Zed and Mackie.

    ''But first, MUSIC!'' He yells as he starts playing a song with heavy chords.

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