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Cyberpunk 2052

Discussion in 'Roleplay section' started by Arch Draitex, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. '' Yeah... I'm okay.'' Zed says visibly panicked. '' so... what now, get the files and head for the Safehouse?''
  2. Peters sighs: "Sure."
  3. Naomi was even more confused. She stood up next to Zed and began to look around the room and then down to the corpse of Heinrich and then down to the corpse of the one the hologram called 'Dana'. She was kinda confused as to what to do next, so she just stood next to Zed and waited for someone to talk to her, or she could just leave and get paid.
  4. Several hours spent grabbing the objects Heinrich hologram talked about, and all the computer files ready to be transported out of TTI, Shadis walks inside dressed in a lab coat, thick rimmed glasses and a surgeon mask and his hair slicked backwards.

    ''Well done Gents, and Ladies, you succesfully killed one of the most devious schemers i ever had the good fortune of being near, Heinrich Mangler, a true viper of a person.. smart as hell... I'm very surprised you made it, but I'm very... happy about it too.'' Shadis says removing his mask.

    ''and the files and computers gathered too!.. now that's just top notch work right there.'' Shadis says as he looks at the corpse of Dana cracking a smile.

    ''Even his wife? That's ice cold, but in a good way, the man deserved to suffer, and damn the expense... so you lot figure anything out in here?'' Shadis asks the group still smiling.

    ((my work blocked the site, which is why i am so slow on replies))
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  5. "I figured out we need a chain of command" Jay stated as he was rummaging through drawers looking for pills and other substances.
    "We don't have the makings of a team.. I'd say we need to run some exercises and get us all at least on the same chapter.. Doubt we will all make it to the same page, nah mean?"
    Amphetamines! Eye boi
  6. ''You have leadership, it's me.'' Shadis replies staring at Jay.
    ''but... you might need a field commander when i am not present true.. I don't see the harm in that... but it's up to you guys who is to lead... but excercising.. yeah that's definetly doable'' Shadis replies smiling
  7. (So, I've been gone for awhile...but it looks like no one noticed. - Say Jameson, I was wondering were ya been, you okay? - Thanks character I made up the sake of this little post for asking! I am currently in recovery - Why is that? - Oh well I nearly bled to death due to deep lacerations that's why - That's crazy how'd that happen?! - I did it to myself out of panic and stress from life and school, I'm not happy with life - Wow Jameson that's pretty fucked up, we sure missed ya here, wanna get back in the rp, we'd love to have ya back? - No, I really doubt you would, so I'm just gonna be done with it. My girlfriend lied and cheated on me so I don't even have her anymore so I think I'll try and take maybe own life again soon. - Well Jameson I'm sorry you had to make me up as a fake character to talk to just to explain how you feel. - Yeah well I'll just be glad when all my stress is over, one way or another.)
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  8. ((So you are going to go? Sad, hope I see you in the future. Hopefully by then things will be better for you.))
  9. "Its obvious there is too much internal conflict for anyone to be a leader here. Anyone with any proven leading experience that is."
  10. ((I noticed you were gone I looked for you in discord and on the site.. and i've told you before if you need to talk Im here for you. Terribly sorry for all that happened, hit me up on discord or the pms if you'd like, also dont kill yourself, life is usually shit yes, but the good moments are what you we all live for, you should not die for the bad ones.))
  11. ''Well I'd like for you to get along atleast.. If you have any requests to improve your...conditions, ask away, after this i'm free to grant you guys a few boons'' Shadis says smiling
  12. jay looked about the group. Lots of them seemed quiet. As if visibly shaken to the point their spirits have left their bodies. Unable to take action or talk, just following where pushed or pulled...
    Glad I have no metal bits in me.. Making my mind all fucked and strange..
    Jay then ate some pills with amphetamine proprieties and then ate some heavy depressants.
    It was so long since he heard any of there voices.. Just zed and "ceo" talk. Mangler had more to say in death then this team did in the last eight hours.

    Shadman was giving his usual smug smile. Can he not see something is wrong? The moral of this group?
    The robot zombies just giving silent blank stares?

    Jay couldn't decide if he liked it or not. Either way he had a syringe that could suffocate requiem.
    She won't scream but if I stab her right and say what's happening.. I'll get to see her eyes scream.. Or smile..
    Jay grinned sweetly as he twirled the syringe in his hand
  13. "I don't see how you can help improve the situation. There are trust issues in the group. I cannot trust the nomad to not fuck everything up for the entire group, they cannot trust me to work their savage way of attack first ask questions later."
  14. "Your scared of me cause you can't order me around like one of ya mindless pleebs" Jay chuckled with a snide tone
    "I feel YOUR the one at fault... We had a job to kill mangler and take something, but you having a little chin wag Was a waste.. Making the... What should. I say.. Passive.. Members falter. You all could have shot before the dude injected himself"
    Jay stated with a shrug. His mind was requiem, a exceptional challenge, a Worthy death...
    No.... a fully human fighter is a worthy death.. She is just a mark I need to raise higher then.
  15. "I'd rather have Mike win than have people with a mindset like you be the norm. At least with Mike theres a chance of some sanity."
  16. "Rather mike win over the chance there's some more, handsome, charming people like me ?" Jay stifled his laughter and stopped twirling the syringe. After he stopped chuckling he stated with a languid tone and a teasing smile.
    "Im honestly hoping I can see soon why shad brought you to the team mr spiteful.. Cause the wastes are full of people trying to be me.. You won't last a week with what I've seen of you"
  17. Naomi didn't really want to get to involved in the whole group's current predicament. She began to walk around The Nomad Druggie and stood next to what looked like M.D. Jackass, otherwise known as Shad "Job done?" She asked him in a low and quiet tone, it was almost a whisper but it somewhat sounded like an exhale from sigh.
  18. Jay kept a wary eye on the stranger going out of her way to walk around him.
    What a creep.
    He thought as he lit a ciggerette
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  19. Peters sighs: "Fucking nomads." before turning away and leaving the morgue. "That shithead's getting on my nerves." He thought "Fuck better leave before I fuck something up."
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  20. #1820 Flowiest Joui, Mar 22, 2017 at 12:36 PM
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2017 at 2:24 PM
    Jay giggled loudly and rather sinister as Peter left, Jay recognised defeat. Anyone with the will to be superior would have tried putting him in his place, With a gun or physical.. even metal prowess.
    Jay was the lion, Peter the gazelle.
    The wastes will be fun.. Can't wait to see home.
    Jay took a long drag of his ciggerette as he waited for the employer to give direction.
    Hell.. Even a bit of reaction from senya mason Jameson or other named teammates.

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