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Does Lightning Mcqueen Have Life Insurance Or Car Insurance?

Discussion in 'Pixar' started by Lean The Chav, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Just think about it.
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  2. *mind blown*
    But seriously, are the mothers and fathers factory's?
    If mater crashed into tractor would he be seen as the stereotype that has his way with farm animals?
    Do the cars spend time as babies or are made as sentient adults, like McQueen was built/made for racing,
    Mater was built to be a tow truck, were they just go karts as children before having dreams of racing
    Or having dreams broken and having to tow..
    It's a dark twisted world
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  3. Who created the factories (parents) though, do they have their own religion.....who knows.
  4. The gods, are car company's and since recorded car history they have just always had factories and abided the speed limit.
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  5. guys mater is just an old car.
    maybe the cranes and stuff made the factories.
    but who created them.
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  6. Lol life insurance :p NASCAR cars aren't insured, since they can't be registered :p
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  7. Ye but he's a car so he might have car insurance
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  8. No Humans in Cars so they won't be classed as NASCAR'S
  9. Lol a NASCAR car is still a NASCAR car even without a human inside it :p Especially when humans don't even exist within the context of them :D
  10. Yeah but the cars created the sport without insurance in mind, the NASCAR races for them are like the Olympic sprinting for us
  11. Do Cars in the movie even die or become injured?
  12. and are the pit stops surgery?
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  13. Tires are designed to be used up. They don't appear to be anything more than basically shoes.
  14. Well first off to answer the question we need to decide if he is sentient or not now the definition of sentient is able to perceive or feel things. Now we no from the lore of the franchise lightning can feel things so he is a sentient being. Next I would like to have a definition of life
    the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. Now In my opinion lightning mcqueen is defiantly sentient but is he alive? I would say no he is more of an AI in my opinion. So if he is not living how can he qualify for life insurance? So he should have car insurance.

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  15. good video
  16. Goodby and thanks for watching vsauce 478294752395973972165971
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  17. vsauce, british asmr here

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