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Environmental Effects In Tes

Discussion in 'Elder Scrolls VI Wishlist' started by PHIL0S0PHY, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. I would like there to be Environmental effects in the game. I.e. cold, heat, wet, dry, ecetra.
    There is a skyrim mod that is good for this, it's called Skyree I think
  2. Ye would be cool. I would like for the weather to effect the game also seasonal weather would be nice
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  3. Why not go a step further? I want full dynamic weather and a meaningful day-night cycle. Like in witcher 3.
  4. It's not even impossible... Now that we have a Skyrim that's naively 64-bit optimised, we could add soooooooo much of everything!
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  5. In skyrim it was always sunny for me, wonder why........
  6. yeah that'd be really something, also in Witcher Enviroments affects spells

    like Quen is improved by rain in witcher 2 for example, and stuff like that :D
  7. What do you actually mean by meaningful you could say it is meaningful in skyrim if you choose to become a vampire

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