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Suggestion Fallout 5 Setting Ideas

Discussion in 'Fallout General Discussion' started by Addison95, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. THis is what I miss... Fallout 4, New Vegas and to an extent Fallout 3 all already had communities that weren't struggling that much. And I'd love to see that again... You know a matter of life and death not a matter of life and luxury...
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  2. What do you have against Barter Town? I challenge you to thunderdome! Two men enter, one man leaves!
  3. LOL :D interestingly Beyond Thunderdome was my favourite Old Mad Max movie :D I have nothing against is mister MasterBlaster :D
  4. Fallout 1, Fallout: Tactics, and Fallout 3 had the whole "trying to rebuild" theme. Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4 had the "society is forming" theme.

    In the rebuild group, there was no overarching group trying to unify the wasteland. In the society group there were a few: 2 had the Enclave, the NCR and Vault City; New Vegas of course had the NCR and the Legion; 4 had the Institute, the Brotherhood, and the Minutemen (Railroad was a 1-issue group, not about creating a lasting society).

    So I guess they have to decide whether they want to continue the "society" or start back with "rebuild".

    Quick Note: Yes Tactics had many groups trying to conquer the wastes, but they weren't trying to form a society. They basically wanted to just pillage the spoils.
  5. To be fair, it's only a matter of time til some nutcase finds another storage of nukes "never launched in the war" that happens to hold hundreds of bombs inside. Feels like every game since FO3 we just find these huge landfills of nukes, raring to go. So anyone trying to restart the clock again wouldn't find it that hard.
  6. Multiple factions are capable of producing ammunition. The N.C.R., the Boomers, the Raiders of the Pitt.

    In some California the Fallout universe is almost exactly what you're describing, but it will be centuries before every little piece of the Thirteen Commonwealths is civilized, and by then, I bet the Fallout series would retire. I give it two or three more games until it has to go back in time or reboot if it's even still around.
  7. Or maybe they don't need to reboot anything (although I wouldn't really have anything against a remake of the original two games, if done correctly). All they need to do is add some "humanity" to the mix of the last fallout and make another great war, because let's be honest humanity will never learn... War, war will never change, because we as humans never change...
  8. The ending slides of Lonesome Road would disagree with you.
  9. Everyone only thinks about the settings that would be the most cool to visit. No one ever thinks about the settings that make the most sense. It is always the Seattles and the Orleans. No one ever thinks about Montana, the place mentioned multiple times in NV and 3. So I guess I'll just have to lay out the reasons why Montana would be the best setting.

    First is that it has been mentioned in both NV and 3. In NV it is mentioned by the Lonesome Drifter. He says he was born there and that there are still coal mines in action. In 3 it is mentioned by Owyn Lyons, who says that there is a brotherhood chapter there. "Brothers, as we take our meal this day, let us reflect upon the words of Elder Patrocolus of the Montana Bunker."

    Second is that the history and culture of Montana is perfect for a Western Fallout. Montana is the Northern Texas. It is a land famous for its ranchers, outlaws, its mining, and the slaughter of natives.

    Third is that the place would be a perfect change from the usual. Unlike Nevada and California it doesn't have deserts. Unlike Massachusetts and Maryland it is not radioactively green or cartoony. No, Montana is mountainous in one half and flat in the other. In the mountainous half, the western half, it is freezing because of heavy snow. In the flat half, the eastern half, it is flat with relatively no trees and a fair amount of snow. Imagine traversing the mountains during a blizzard. Imagine needing to wear heavy clothes in hardcore mode. Imagine having to fight mutated bears and cougars instead of the same goddamn reptiles.

    Lastly is that it is the perfect place for a powerful faction to arise. Montana, being a state that only the inhabitants know exists, would be relatively safe from the bombs. Even though it houses one of the largest stockpiles of nuclear missiles, the Minutemen missiles. No one would waste missiles attacking the enemy missiles' nest, because the moment they fire the nest wakes. So because of this a powerful faction could arise early on. They would have some of the best land and would have some of the best resources, coal and copper being standouts.

    By the way this is all with me ignoring the massive ass Yellowstone Caldera that the creators of Fallout chose to forget about. Because in a realistic world that volcano would go off after the bombs dropped.
  10. I second this! I really want to see the crater in New York City...
  11. I want Fallout 5 to take place in E.P.C.O.T. Florida!!!!11!

    Walt Disney planned to build an experimental city of tomorrow! Sadly he died before that became a reality! So what if in the Fallout universe he didn't die, built the city, and transformed his company into one that builds prototype cities all across the nation!


    This setting is awesome! Just imagine finding Walt's frozen head ruling over post apocalyptic E.P.C.O.T.

    There could be underwater vaults!

    Swamp Monsters!

    And an evil toxic jungle! Just like Nausicaa and the valley of the wind!

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