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Fallout: Great Seas

Discussion in 'Roleplay section' started by Gaku teh gr8, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. A native Chicagoan wonders to himself whether he would prefer eating beef or a hot dog. Before the decision could be made he was gunned down by violent criminals for wearing a yellow shirt.
    Gaku teh gr8 and Luis Kontos like this.
  2. guul66 likes this.
  3. way better idea
  4. arguing over stupid shit is not allowed.

    my condolences, guess you wont enjoy this rp.
  5. No one want to join your Rp cos it will be shite
    guul66 likes this.
  6. ikr
    thats why i'm doing no work towrds creating it
    Lean The Chav likes this.
  7. Skeletal
  8. Yes. I intend on replying. :3
  9. Do you plan on being a proper GM and shutting people up about their stupid arguments?
  10. Nope, but he only plans not to just to piss you off :cat:
  11. Yes.
  12. Mhm.
  13. Nope, he plans not to just to piss you (me) off.
    Make ur sentances mak sens u fukinc cute af little rowebbut boi
    Well you are known to be a serial liar.
  14. To be honest, now that I've looked back on it, the only charm the RP had were the childish arguments between all of you lads. And, sadly and somewhat pathetically, the only reason TNL and Great Seas succeeded (less so with the latter) is because you lads argued over the stupidest shit. If there hadn't been any arguments they would of both died just as fast as 90% of the RPs on SB.

    Because my predictions are usually quite good I shall predict how the RP shall go if it is monitored on the level of most RPs. It will die by page 40 because the players will of gotten too bored because of a "lack" of freedom.
    guul66 likes this.

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