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First Impressions Of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Discussion in 'Mass Effect' started by TheMadMan, Mar 19, 2017 at 5:25 AM.

  1. #1 TheMadMan, Mar 19, 2017 at 5:25 AM
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2017 at 7:16 AM
    So, I just wanted to get some first impressions of Mass Effect: Andromeda since the trial is out and the game itself is out in a handful of days, unless you live in the EU, then it's a handful of days after that.

    From the scant few hours I've played so far, it has the most solid combat of the entire series. The customization options for characters is rather robust, allow you to create some handsome beasts or horrifying monsters. Instead of restrictive character classes, you are allowed to spec into any of the three skill trees: Combat, Tech, and Biotic. The new Profiles system allows you to more focus your game play. On top of that, the certain Profiles level up after a certain amount of investment into one or two of the trees and the also each have some rather unique abilities; example being the Soldier profile has general weapon buffs and its ability Marksman's Focus grants an escalating damage bonus over a short period of time for every target killed.

    Loot from Mass Effect 1 makes a return but weapons have the "uniqueness" of Mass Effect 2 and 3.

    The only downside I can find so far is the Uncanny Valley of some of the human characters along with some...rather funky non-combat animations, like awkward walk cycles and the such. The only bug I've encountered so far is an enemy freezing mid-attack animation, allowing for effectively a free kill, but this has only happened once.

    The few side-quests I've played so far are quite in line with what I remember doing in Mass Effect 1.

    EDIT: So a bit more time with the game. The planet scanning thing from ME2 makes a...semi-return. So far I've only had to scan like one thing a planet and it'll tell you if you need to actually scan a planet. As such, I was able to clear a system in around 5 minutes, maybe less. I've already figured out what is likely going to be the "Bad Feature" of the game, which is a little travel animation that takes place when you move to other planets. Takes at most 10-20 seconds to go through. But it does it for every planet you go to. Oh well.

    Found my favourite crewmember so far in the form of the Turian Vetra. Certainly going to try and romance her to see if it's possible. If FemShep can bump uglies with Garrius, I wanna do the horizontal mambo with Vetra.

    I forgot to mention that with the Profiles System, you only have access to one profile at a time -- likely determined by your chosen background -- and have already unlocked all but 2 by virtue of being a jack-of-all-trades and running Lift, Flamethrower, and Flak Cannon.
  2. I understand you may not know but could you estimate, the average length of the game?
    My opinion being I can't pay 99.95 dollars for a game I could bang out in less then a week, (considering I play at the very least.. a hour or three when I play)
    For example, fallout four in all its glory etc etc is not worth me paying 99.95, I'd be happy to pay fifty five for the game I played at launch aha
  3. I'm guessing you live in Austraila? Hmmm...well, the trial only covers the first actual planet or so and is roughly around 10 hours long. If I were to estimate, at shortest you could probably complete the game in around 40-50 hours. If you do everything like me, I'd say around 100 hours if not more.
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  4. Guessing there's maybe five to seven planets with actual missions, some random outposts in space, and some scripted mission areas only relevant to companions story/plot
    With a ship for home base? Thanks for the answer, going from what I've seen on YouTube and such I think I could get into this.. Just not sure if I wanna buy on release date or just wait it out
  5. I believe the exact number of explorable planets is 6 or something. Bioware claims that one is larger than the entirity of Dragon Age Inquisitions maps, but I have no idea. I'm not sure about random outposts in space though. And yeah, there's at least 2 hub areas that you go back to and what not: your ship and the Nexus.

    There is the trial through EA Access. It's only like 5$ USD for a month of EA Access and you only have to pay for that month. It should give you enough of an impression of the game to make an informed decision.
  6. Eight dollars for a trial isn't something I have aha,
    I'd like to believe bio ware with the hype they flaunt but it reminds me of T howard and all his lies and twisted truths.
    Game developers are more into making cocaine buckets rather then going for the soft sale
  7. Got it on preorder on a deal for.. sixty nine dollars I think.
    I feel that is a appropriate sum for a game about interstellar travel, a jump pack, space shootouts And knobbing alien ladies.
    Thanks for your information as your part of the reason I bought it

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