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Fallout NV Getting Back Into Fallout New Vegas

Discussion in 'Fallout 3/Fallout New Vegas' started by TheMadMan, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. So, against my better judgment and the fact I loathe my own existence, I've decided to give Fallout New Vegas a...new try. This was mostly spurred on by me finding all of my old weapon creation tools -- neat, now I can have my little M1 Carbines I created -- and the fact that any Fallout conversation I get into just devolves into FNV cocksucking and Fo4 namecalling.

    Basically, I'm diving back in to see if it's as Grand and God-tier as everyone keeps telling me or is as...decently okay if greatly flawed as I remember.

    Anyways, anyone got any suggestions for mods? The last one I remember playing was New Vegas Bounties.
  2. It's not a perfect game, far from it, but I think it's the definitve fallout game along with Fallout 2.
    and needless to say i think it's uncomparable to 3 and 4 because i think NV is so much better in every way.

    I recommend Project Nevada, it adds greande buttons, visors, sprinting and stuff :)
  3. I never played Fallout 1 or 2 -- despite owning them both on disc and on GoG -- though I have tried. I just can't get past the old UI and the downright uncanny valley facial features of the characters, though I do like what I've read on the story and whatnot.
    But I disagree that FNV is even slightly better. I tend to consider it only a technical improvement over Fo3; an opinion I held even when I actually enjoyed playing the game. For me, Fo4 is an all around improvement on FNV, especially in regards to the story and overall world.

    Ahhh, good ol' Project Nevada. Alright, I'll throw that on the list. Anything else? Any good companion mods come out recently? Did that whole big mod that a few Mod Creators got together to create ever get released? The one AlChestBreach did coverage on? I gotta look and see if the good Al companion is still up and running.
    Also, has anything come of Tale of Two Wastelands?
  4. I think you should they're great! :D i get the UI thing however, but i like the talking heads... despite their rubber-ness.

    however about NV not being better, I really disagree there, the characters and the stories in NV are so amazingly written both through dialouge and quests, not to mention that it has much more sidequests to explore the world through than Fallout 3 and 4 had, if you were to play a falout game to introduce yourself to the world, lore and factions, I'd recommend NV all the time.
    and Fo4 is to this day the FO game i despise the most, and the game i feel is the worst fallout game along with BoS... I think it has strayed too far from what made Fallout be Fallout to even consider it a sequel. but that's my opinion :p

    WIllow is decent, but i much prefer the original companions, no companion will ever hold a candle to Arcade Gannon :h:

    ToTW is a buggy mess atleast for me... but i dunno, might've improved since last i used it.
  5. I loved new Vegas, the only reason I am not playing it now is because for a single player game I have replayed it to breaking point on the 360 and can't mod it.. If they made a remaster with mod support I would handicap orphans getting to the front of the line..... fuck those orphans how they even get a next gen console? Thieves they are,
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  6. Soooo, this is just devolving into what I mention. As such, I'm going to say this and only this:
    To me, saying that the Dialogue and Quests of FNV are amazing is like spray painting a piece of rotten fruit gold. The game used to be a rather nice, if bruised, piece of fruit, like fresh apple or banana, but now it's all rotten and moldy and generally a health hazard. Everything about the core of the gameplay experience -- you know, the thing you'd be doing most of the time -- has degraded over time and wasn't that good to begin with. Even if everything else might be amazing or grand, the foundation has rotten out from underneath it. Like I said, at this point, FNV is more or less a rose-tinted gold spray painted over rotten fruit.

    Anyways, this is generally a moot point now since I've fallen back into just plain disdaining the sheer existence of FNV thanks in part to the Nexus effectively highjacking -- a little hyperbole I know -- the Mod Organizer developer to work on the inferior Nexus Mod Manager. On top of that, I decided to look into MrMattyPlays' -- no idea why I'm still subbed, but whatever -- latest video's comment section and is...generally what I mentioned in the beginning....
    Whatever...I'm probably going to play more Destiny or start up Stardew Valley again...or Disgaea 2 PC.
  7. Simple comparison between the story and characters from NV vs 4.

    Ulysses vs Kellogg's Cornflakes
  8. I dunno if that's fair with the huge amount of story and time ulysses got :p i mean even as a DLC character he had more presence and influence than Kellogg did, but i get what you're saying ^^
  9. ah well, agree to disagree there :)
  10. I'm generally of the opinion that my likes and dislikes for Video Games are quite...contrarian for some unexplained reason. Examples being:

    I don't like the Witcher 3 despite having tried 2 or 3 times to get into the game.
    I consider Mass Effect 3 to be the best of trilogy -- I suspect that Andromeda will beat it, but we'll see -- and it couldn't have ended in any other way.
    I've already stated my opinion on FNV being just good enough.
    One of my most favourite games is Mechcommander 2/MechCommander OmniTech and a game called Earthsiege 2.
    I have a fond hate for Battlefield 1 being rather disrespectful of the war it is claiming to represent.
    I really like Destiny.
  11. Yeah that's very true
  12. yeah i'm insanely picky with games, if a game isn't atleast a ''9/10'' (for me) i can literally not play it, unless i play with friends, but i will still complain about it :p

    MGS is a useless game series, i can approve of the gameplay, but the story, the characters, storytelling and narrative, is as bad as it gets in every way possible ( far too many plot devices, far too many mcguffins, nonsensical plots and poor writing and useless storytelling, MGS has all of it. ))

    Spec Ops the Line had such an amazing story, storytelling, the best 4th wall breaks I've ever seen and narrative, that the poor gameplay is 100% excusable, and to this day Spec ops is high up on my top lists, for the story alone.

    Like Fallout 4, I consider to be one of the worst games i've played, and i am the only one, i know who has such a strong dislike for it.

    Fallout 3 is one of the worst pieces of story writing, known to man.

    TES is good, but overrated

    GTA is great! but it's overrated aswell.

    I hated brothers '' A tale of two sons'' I thought it was repetitive, boring and forceful artistic, which i hated, but it's a universally liked game.

    I don't like Dark Souls, I love the atmosphere and narrative of the game, but that is it, the battles are not ''hard'' but the gameplay and premise is not for me at all.

    I hate all FPS shooters in general, and even though i tend to give them a chance, i always end up hating them, only exceptions are Doom2016, Wolfenstein new order and CS with friends, and i don't even like CS.
  13. I'm still playing NV now :D I started playing it again in November (clean character build) and I can't stop playing it. It's superb, and if you're using mods it hasn't aged a day :p except the characters :p

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