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Is Big Guns Viable In Fallout 4

Discussion in 'Fallout 4' started by Pencil Head, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Is it possible to play a big gun build or is the ammo so sparse?
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  2. Eh, you will run out quickly no matter how much you have, then of course you need to get more which takes time, plus you don't want to spend all your caps on ammo. So, unless you want to play a conservative Big Guns character or you run a water business or cheat.... Yeah, I'd say it'd be difficult.
  3. I really wanted to play the game using a missile launcher only
  4. Well the ammo is the main issue u don't need to worry about health as u will be dealing so much damage so don't need as much stimpacks
  5. No, not really. Ammo is too scarce.
  6. Do it....Gattling Laser FTW! Fusion Core driven, they melt the opposition. Also when going to a difficult area a missile launcher Works very well. Ammo is scarce, but you can send an eyebot to look for it or buy it from vendors.
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  7. Not sure if this is just my game, but I use a glitch where (I play on Xbox) switching from the Gatling Laser to any other weapon using the D-pad, then switching back to the Gatling Laser, instantly refills my ammo at no cost to the Fusion Core. So if you could get 1 fusion core and a gatling laser, you'd be set for the entire game.
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  8. My gattling uses very little power as well....it may be that glitch but I have never noticed
  9. 1.) Get mod that allows you to apply legendary effects to weapons
    2.) Get Minigun
    3.) Apply Explosive effect to Minigun
    4.) Get mod that allows you to craft ammo
    5.) ....
    6.) Blow up Commonwealth in a hail of Explosive Minigun rounds capable of 76 damage -- if not more -- per round
  10. You can play however you want, buddy! I used a flamethrower and a shishkebab most of the game. Ineffective, but extremely fun!
  11. I had an Irradiated Flamer that just melted human enemies, which made it a little less than universally useful, especially since it could reliably kill most ghouls.

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