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Mrdynamite's Map Of Fallout

Discussion in 'Fallout Lore Discussion' started by MrDynamite, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. DAMN this is actually pretty dope
  2. where did you get all the info from
  3. Great work! I can actually see this being VERY useful in the future. If there's an area that's rumored to be next, we would possibly be able to see what's there.
  4. Not too hard to get the info, in fact a fair portion of it could mostly be recalled with some additional info form online. As to the info as a whole, well.... Fortunately someone invented the internet, a vast nexus of information on almost everything XD
    Nevertheless, it is quite a feat to gather all the info and organise in such a manner as that, must've taken a while.
  5. Where did the Sioux come from? There is absolutely no information on them in any of the games or wikis. Same can be said about a load of the locations on that map.

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