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Oh, Bethesda, My Greatest Frenemy...

Discussion in 'Bethesda General' started by Drake Steele, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Ah, #Bethesda, I love you, but you're a pain in my ass... from #Fallout to #ElderScrolls, The base games are good, #mods and #DLC make them #great... But then the very same mods that make them better, make them more #unstable, and #crash-prone than they were before... and that's saying something! #Skyrim right now is behaving badly - with like half the mods I used to put in it. Saves are taking forever, I'm getting random crashes... Damn it, Bethesda Game Studios, you're my greatest #frenemy. LOL
  2. .....Alright then XD
    You raise some good points though.
  3. #frenemy lol :D I'm still 99.99% on team Bethesda. Fallout 4 wasn't a disappointment to me, and I always took having mods on a Bethesda game as a game of Russian roulette, where you can have 100 mods and not get problems but then add one more and you get butt hurt... But after more then a decade of Bethesda games and mods, I've become to the conclusion that stability is a bonus and is totally overrated :p
  4. Oh, don't get me wrong... I'm 100% team Bethesda... I love all of their work and still think Todd Howard is the best thing since sliced bread. I just hate how unstable the games can get. They're amazing, the modding community takes that and does things that shouldn't even be possible, every day... but still , as wonderful as the games and mods are it would be nice if there were an infrastructure underlying the games that allowed a seamless mod experience and automatically weeded out conflicts and avoided crashes.
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  5. Yeah... Crashes will be a part of any Bethesda game (made by the core team) until they really take a look at the Creation Engine.
  6. Yep. Even though the engine itself has undergone some stability changes that made it more stable than the Gamebryo engine and other former engines of theirs, there's still no good way in it to automate the rejection of conflicting assets and such to truly enable free-form modding without crashes. But c'est la vie... Such is life.

    I'm still really grateful for the wonderful work they've done, though... the writing, voice-acting, world-building and narratives, the AIthat is so much deeper than many game coders bother to create, the art assets... there's so much to love in Bethesda's stuff...Stability would just be the icing to make the cake all the better..
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  7. Yeah, but as I've written in another thread today, the game Bethesda creates is a massive undertaking and the engine is just part of that, then there is the A.I., the scripts that connect all the game parts (story, NPC's, cities, world...) and then there's the engine part, and making everything just work is a thing of beauty.

    Then again yeah I'm 100% they will make the next game A LOT MORE stable. The first thing why it's gonna be stable is the fact it's a native 64bit engine, and that makes everything easier, especially an open world game.

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