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Rp Idea/lore/cc: Overpowered.

Discussion in 'Roleplay section' started by Flowiest Joui, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. "He works as a part-time night janitor at a local hotel, just so he doesn't get people too suspicious, but other than that, he just sorta hides away in his apartment doing whatever he feels like He might drink, do hard drugs, solicit prostitutes, or do anything else on a whim."

    That's fine, A plus character description of kenway described so far

    "until he's notified that he has a new contract." How? He can't read. Who is drawing picture books explaining his jobs for him?

    "He's the father of every STD known to man, including the super villain (jk)
    Senator (name)'s death? him. The CEO of (company)'s disappearance? him. All those random mangled corpses being discovered? him. something else I'm not detailing for mystery's sake? him."

    This is a bit more far fetched, senators and CEO's of company's seems out of kenways league when his intelligence comes up.
    Especially the not being able to read part aha, who hires him? They have to pick him up and drop him off at the building, and literally point out the man they want murderstabbed? "He's probably on the top floor wearing a suit go climb the stairs to the very top" because if he said "twenty second floor" how would he manage? Lol

    learned how to escape cops?.... Someone must have taught him the "lose stars" cheat from GTA.. Or he's been getting lessons from a chameleon?
    Aha I assume you mean, run and hide Which is a skill set most have when on the wrong side of the law no matter what intelligence.

    You can play this character if you want, personally I hope you do cause I wanna see how a manchild takes out the head of a corporation with "arm blades" and "above average reflexes" without being able to read the address, the targets name, figure out any sort of security system..
    And most guards have guns, those things that kill people before they run up to stab you
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  3. Sorry, I've been a bit busy. I'll post in a minut/e
  4. Can you give me a short synopsis?
  5. Place is earth, heroes and villains with any power you can think of, within reason or extent
  6. Think you might write a character?

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