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Rp: Over Powered

Discussion in 'Roleplay section' started by Flowiest Joui, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. (Again, without spoiling... that head is gone for now. The zombie man can't help you here Ahaha)

    (I try so hard To aha)
    A man Climbed out the flipped truck. As he steadied himself to shoot Colin, only one laser hit as he was just in a car crash. He rolled off onto the road with a thud.
    Colin knew that man had the card to unlock the truck.
  2. (( so I'll just wait then? i thought rick and Charles went outside :eek: ))
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  3. (They did, but it's basically filler. Was going to have the two run into sticks on his walk to experience how wiggin power would work in The RP, truth be told I haven't the creative buzz for that, rick is still injured and drunk so no actual fight will go well, til the skip)
  4. (( Well should i have him go home then :p ? ))
  5. (Whatever is fine, the skip will be two or three days to have each character at full health soon as guuls character is safe and sound)
  6. RIck heads home in a blind drunken state.

    '' head in life... HAH oh god'' Rick says giggling to himself as he walks home
    Demigod took out his high caliber and took multiple aimed shots at the man.
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  8. The man was shot three out of four times. He ded. Colin felt a rush of anticipation..He just had to take the card of the corpse and open up the back of the noligiv truck.
    Racer and bing were making the way over with the surviving saints.
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  9. Demigod opened the back of the truck to find...
  10. As the truck was flipped it took a moment to access everything. The first thing Colin noticed...
    A foul smell, burnt flesh.. The majority of space in the eighteen wheeler was a massive pile of what looked to be a person. His hand was missing.
    Five crates of laser weapons equaling up to eighteen pistols and ten rifles, the pistols were able to switch from auto to semi auto, a crate of mods to change the rifles to a sniper or shotgun variety.
    One hundred and fifty energy cells, (for the weapons)
    And a crate of body armour which had ten laser resistant vests, two riot suits where on the floor.
    A crate full of what looked similar to A-dymes commercial power drinks was spilled on the floor, only one blue can remained in tact, although had no label.
  11. ((Wait a massive pile of a person? what does that mean?))
  12. (Means a large burnt corpse with a missing hand, it's the super villain rick killed earlier. A rubber man, think extra fat monkey d luffy)
    Bing and company arrived as cars slowed to inspect.
    Cop sirens could be heard approaching.
    "The fuck is that!?" Racer almost vomited at the smell, gagging she stepped back.
  13. "Some gross shit. Homies get the supplies we gotta bounce this joint." Demigod grabbed the last energy drink and a crate of laser weapons and ran over to the truck the gangsters had brought, putting the crate in it. The other Saints also followed his example and started to gather the supplies.
  14. Rick was minding his own buisness at home, looking over his several trophies.

    ''I gots to preserve the hand, i can't have it rotting inside the house.'' Rick says as he prepares a large jar, putting in a fluid of some strange variety inside as he drops the hand in the jar and seals it.

    '' and name...'' Rick says as he writes a note and puts it on the jar, reading ''Bloated Fat Man Juice''.

    ''Oh, i'm just hilarious!'' Rick says laughing at his own bad jokes as he looks at his trophies, severed hands, eyeballs, entire heads all filling a shelf on his wall.

    ''And done.'' Rick says as he puts the Hand in a jar on the lower shelf.

    ''fuckin nice!'' Rick says as he stumbles in to his kitchen
  15. Luckily the police arrived in time just to see the saints drive off, they chased after but ultimately failed and the saints made it back to a safe house/warehouse of theirs without being followed by the police.

    Rick couldn't help but feel if he ever wanted to bring a girl home he would need to remove all the body parts to a safe location to work on,

    Sticks was at home sneaking into farrs room to steal weed.

    STD however had just finshed raping thirteen women in what could only be described as a sick twisted cult as around two hundred and fifty men and woman watched the blood red skinned man with rising flowing hair perform his deed.
    "Begin your work now" he states calmly with a ice cold tone to a man set up at a very large monitor with many different screens and keyboards in front of him.
    "I'll be done in exactly forty two hours, perhaps forty" the computer man answered with no fear in his snivily voice.

    "Good" std claims as he slurps down a glass of wine "we soon change the world" he smiled with sharp bright teeth....

    (Act one etc, I shall type a timeskip post soon please don't reply til then..)
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  16. #356 Flowiest Joui, Feb 17, 2017 at 3:30 PM
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2017 at 3:45 PM
    The next day went normally for the characters so far,
    Rick did what he usually did, as did the gang leader demigod.
    Farr went to work his part time job at adyme.
    He was in the forklift when Sandra walked past holding a plastic bag that seemed rather noticeable. Even had a faint smell.
    "Sandra! When are you gonna confess your love for me?" Farr couldn't help but try and use wiggin on her, easily the most attractive woman he has ever seen walk past him at his job, her small talk and flirtatious jokes always brightened his day.
    "When you can make me good money Farr, I like expensive things" she stopped to wink and smile but Farr knew he had no chance.
    She works in the top floor.. Only see her once a month.. Wonder what she does?

    The next day a broadcast was received all over the world. On radio speakers and TV screens, mobile phones and computers.
    This was a message for the whole world, anyone within a radius of a electronic device that could trasmit sound and visual, almost everyone recieved this message, those who didn't soon found out...

    "Good morning my subjects.. It's been a while hasn't it? Since super dude was crushed in my palms.. Since you cowered in fear at my brilliance.. I'm here to guide you into a new reveloution of sorts, a change for the better. A way to make life interesting again..

    I've waited three months for anyone to find me, dare to face me or oppose me in any way.. I've built a following in the time spent searching for a new challenge. A small army that I believe most of you would like to take up arms in, for you see.. To oppose me is certain death, but I am fair and I will guide you in this tough but exciting new change..

    My associate has collected every name complete with visual identification... the identity of every single police officer, fire fighter, para-medic, army general, political leader, bounty hunter and various musicians and actors addresses..
    These lists have been sent and delivered to all homes and just basically dropped and left in places..

    The rules are simple, I've set a bounty on each and every single person I've listed. Points will be awarded which you can use to Aquire a firm stand in the new world,
    A fire fighters head is worth fifty points,
    A paramedic or doctors head is worth one hundred points,
    A Police officer and any low ranking army member head is one hundred and twenty five points,
    Any member of enforcement with a high rank.. The head is worth two hundred,
    The head of a bounty hunter will correspond with his rank,
    Any actor or musician listed captured alive shall receive a very special prize..
    Everyone is expected to play..I have hand picked a special few to help referee and inspire you all to get started, follow their lead, collect and save your heads... When the floating crimson fortress is above you. Follow it til it lands..
    I have sixteen of these prize dispensers flying around the world..one is soon to be near you
    This is your humble master wishing you good luck in your new life.. I'm watching closely"
    Std sent this message. And everyone heard it.

    Riots broke out only five hours after the broadcast, almost every city is in chaos.
    People fighting killing stealing everywhere, people barricading doors and windows, family's turned on each other.
    Friends beheaded close friends,
    Law enforcement, military power and bounty hunters are stretched thin from massive outbreaks of people hunting them just to survive.
  17. #357 Flowiest Joui, Feb 17, 2017 at 3:32 PM
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2017 at 3:43 PM
    Farr was at home smoking, the TV stopped working which annoyed him, and a state of emergency meant no work at adyme today.
    "Not gonna be a hero?" Sticks asked as he ripped a bong. "Your worth like.. Four hundred and sixty points.. Not bad if I behead you"

    "I just woke up fuck off" Farr answered as he went to butter toast.
    "Electricity is out"
    "Then I'll start a fucking fire!" Farr snapped
  18. Rick woke up with his forehead resting again the TV monitor.

    ''Fuckin, 'ell...'' Rick said as he looked at the tv.

    ''hrm...shit.'' Rick said as he looked at STD's demands.

    ''Fucking, idiotic, powerhungry, fucking kid.'' Rick said as he downed 2 shots of whiskey with some painklillers.
  19. Rick heard the noise of a war outside his residence. Explosions, gunshots and screams oh my.
    Hell was here in blue bay. The police and branches of the military were stretched all along the town, civilians and criminals alike fought and caused chaos. Out the window in the sky was a flying Fortress similar in looks and design to the massive air craft thing in the Avengers.

    Death and destruction plagued the city.
    Electricity and water are completely cut off in areas. The radio claims bustin jieber has just been killed, someone may have just Claimed three hundred points.
    Only places like Adyme corp and noligiv tech with private security seemed safe,

    Farr went for a pack of smokes, he was attacked thirteen times, incidentally twelve different people died on impact from a twenty story drop.. He jumped Onto a high rise building in a puff of smoke to survey the area.
    Fire and smoke..
  20. Rick geared up and exited his door looking on the ensuing chaos as he texted Smiles.

    the text read ''What now man?''

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