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Fallout 4 Some Help?

Discussion in 'Character Builds' started by JustThatGamer, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. I'm doing a Ceaser's Legion build and want to know what equipment I should wear to look like i'm apart of The Legion. Also, who should I side with?
  2. For Fo4? Uhhhhhh...maybe an Athletic outfit with DC Guard armour for armour. For weapons, machete would be your best bet or melee weapons in general.
    As for Faction...the BoS? They are honestly the closest to being the Legion.
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  3. Already finished the build 3 days after you posted this!
  4. the institute are the ones that kidnap people and wipe out entire settlements
  5. Am late, but my ideas:

    * Unarmed only, use the Machete.

    * You really want red football padding but it doesn't exist. So go with metal armor. If there's a red re-color of combat armor you can find at Nexus, that would work too. The key to Legion armor is both the re-purposed gear aspect and the uniform aspect. There might be a mix of Nuka-World armor that could work.

    * No going after your son. Legion children are raised in slave pits, er, "communal" facilities, and the odds of a child even knowing who their father is would be low.

    * None of the factions fit. The Legion is its own faction, period. The Minutemen are too peaceful, the Brotherhood are competitors, and the Railroad has heretical ideas about slavery. And you'll never get to the Institute (see above) so don't worry about them.

    * Make your own faction. Become Overlord of Nuka-World and set up your own slave settlements giving you tribute. Instill some Legion disipline into those weak and soft raiders! That's mid to late game content though. In the meantime you could grab a mod (or use the console) to put you in the gunner faction or otherwise make them friendly.
  6. Actually, that's open to interpretation. But the Legion does take over tribes in a Borg-like way, so that traditional tribal cultures get obliterated. From what I see in the New Vegas game, the Legion is very much the type of culture that would raise children away from the parents. Girls are useless and no father would care what happens to them. Boy would be taken away from the mother to keep them away from the weak and feminizing influence. And the fathers are too busy conquering other tribes to have any time to raise sons. Hence the communal raising of children. Fathers would be proud of their sons, but only after they had grown up and become manly buggerers of defeated tribes.
  7. Well, in the Legion, women aren't actually useless. Considered weak, yes, but not useless. Women's biggest roles in the Legion are slaves, wive's to Legionnaires, they raise children up to a certain age (because of breast feeding, and the men are too strong and mighty to deal with petty toddler bull shit) and after that, typically they are medicine women, and other jobs that don't require strength in the stereotypical sense.

    As for whether or not the children know their actual fathers.....I'm not sure on that one. I've never really heard about Legion fathers one way or the other.
  8. Caesar's Legion allows Legionaires only one bond, with him. Families are broken up because he wants the only loyalty in the Legion to be to him.

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