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Official SugarBombed State Of The Forum

Discussion in 'Website Information' started by Potato, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Here's the link related to this.
    What would you like to happen to SugarBombed? - https://goo.gl/forms/hdXkavCPnJc32rXV2

    So first of all I want to say how great of a ride this was but at this point in time it's really not feasible to continue at the pace we are now.

    The website earns us a whopping $27 a year, which even at the lowest we've currently been, it costs us close to $500 a year.

    So honestly, I'm going to completely remove the ads. But that's besides the point.

    I don't have any regrets running this forum, nor do I have any regrets leaving it running on a very obvious decline. I honestly just wanted to leave it up so the people who still use it daily, could.

    But now it comes time to decide what we're going to do with the forums. Answer the link below, because if I get barely any responses or none at all, the outcome will be to shut the site down.

    Here are the options listed in this survey,

    • Leave the site the same, but only runs when the community fully funds monthly costs.
      • Basically the site becomes community funded. It's gone when it doesn't have the funds, it comes back when it does.
    • Purge inactive members, clean the forums to be smaller and move to a much smaller server.
      • Removes all unnecessary clutter, becomes really clean and basically stays the same otherwise. If the server goes down because it's too small to handle the load, it stays down until the server warrants spending money on the upgrade.
    • Move to a lighter forum. This removes all fun extra options besides the chat room.
      • Basically moving from Xenforo to PHPBB or MyBB.
    • Make SugarBombed a chat room only, no forums.
      • Turning SugarBombed either into an IRC, old chat room we used for staff or a discord redirect.
    • Make SugarBombed a chat room around a blog, allowing for news articles to still be written.
      • Wordpress wrapped around a discord chat room probably.
    • Shut it down until a new Bethesda Game Studios game is released.
      • Pretty self explanatory. If I have the time and funds, it'll be back but be permanently gone until then.

    Again the survey is here and I'll only get notifications when you respond through that.

    It's been a pleasure,

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  2. This is more emotional than Eastenders.
  3. Honestly there's a few people I like speaking (typing) to on this site but not enough to pay for. Do the cheapest available option
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  4. #5 Spagelo, Mar 12, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2017
    Potato I thank you and the rest of the people who created this site for giving me a good time and a place to meet cool, new folks. It's been a blast.
  5. Hip hip-hooray!
    Hip-hip ect
  6. Well since running the site as a forum didn't work, what if we just make a discord server to replace it? a handful of members already ditched the site and moved to that so they might bother to be active on it, plus you don't need to run ads for money or need half the same amount of mods/admins.
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  7. #8 Arkstone, Mar 12, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2017
    It is sad for me to see this site go as it was the first forum I ever joined.
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  8. So, a question, all the current active threads, what will happen to those if we were to move to a smaller forum ?
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  9. Well this honestly does sadden me as this feels like the closing of the first of a large series of novels. SugarBombed was the first forum site I ever joined and I remember having some jolly memories here. I made a good few friends that I still talk to on a very regular basis. I also met plenty of kind and enjoyable people, and I also met some undesirables. If it were just a year ago I would be practically begging for the site to remain up, but it isn't. Now the site is as dead as it ever could be and there are no signs of revival. So as much as it pains me to say, I think the site should be shut down. Maybe until the announcement of another Bethesda game, which if timed correctly could reinvigorate the site. But for the present, it just needs a rest. So here is both my formal and early goodbye.
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  10. The thing we really really need is a new damn Fallout or Skyrim game!

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  13. Hopefully soon though :)
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  14. Potato So should I upload the banners for the release of Mass Effect or not? Are we keeping it alive for at least another month???
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  15. I think Sugarbombed has gone into a coma until the next Fallout or TES game.
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  16. It's like all the Vegemite in my cupboard, I'm glad to have it here and around... Useless without bread though.
    I stare at the jars and contemplate crying as I haven't been paid yet, and I'm to hungover for milk and cereal. Breakfast escapes my grasp. Much like how everyone escaped this forum.

    There's nothing wrong or bad. It's just ten times more enjoyable with the right factors in play.

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