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Official SugarBombed State Of The Forum

Discussion in 'Website Information' started by Potato, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. If theres one good thing to come out of this, it's that I can now use add block on this site without feeling guilty.
  2. Never ate Vegemite... We don't have it in Slovenia :(

    Let's hope Bethesda throws us a bone :)
  3. That doesn't take much emotion then
  4. Sugarbombed is a roadkill. Now some sick weirdos might look and think "Hmmm bit of good food there". People with a brain look and go "Eurgh. Dead animal" Same with Sugarbombed. It filled its purpose when FO4 came out. It was busy with people and discussion. Then it died down, much like the game. Even the parents of the dead animal have left it. Unless there is a miracle Sugarbombed will be ran over by a large truck or Reddit.

    Sugarbombed had a fun but short life. It was filled with interviews with voice actors, a couple of appearances by that Matty creature and general frolics. But until the mods actually appear to give a shit, this site will become fingerprints on a forgotten handrail.

    Either way, I couldn't give a shit. But I do have ideas to energise and renovate this crumbling shed.
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  5. Another reason the site is dead is because once the Matty fan boys (Which most of the site was made up of) realized he was never on so they had no reason to stay.
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  6. That's very true.

    Another reason why these mods shot themselves in the foot is to label this site as a BETHESDA ONLY site. Now they can say "Oh we like all games" Bollocks. The stupid fuckers named it after a Fallout foodstuff. At the end of the year Red Dead Redemption 2 is out. Now will fans go to a BETHESDA website or a ROCKSTAR website for their fill of gaming news and info? I know where I'd go. There are hundreds of other games that fans like. Potentially tens of thousands of fans have been sidelined because of the name. It's the mods own fault for this site not achieving what it deserves to achieve.
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  7. Calling SB a Bethesda fan site was a retarded decision from the beginning, for one most Fallout fans either hate Bethesda or prefer Obsidian. I also can't help but think that was Matty's decision so he could worship Bethesda's ass ever further.
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    • Purge inactive members, clean the forums to be smaller and move to a much smaller server.
      • Removes all unnecessary clutter, becomes really clean and basically stays the same otherwise. If the server goes down because it's too small to handle the load, it stays down until the server warrants spending money on the upgrade.
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  8. The last time I was this emotional was when I quit smoking.
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  9. We don't have many people here because not many people follow Bethesda, I suggest we introduce more games to the website that way we will have more visitors.
    Another way to get people's attention is via Facebook or twitter, I've seen many creative posters on this site and if we could create interesting threads on lots of other games we could eventually work it out.
    I'm not saying we should forget about Bethesda, but if we start to throw some threads about other game developers and games we could get way more visitors, and yea we already are talking about other games here and then but not enough to get people's attention.
    And I already imagined some of the problems that would come with this, for example, it would be hard to chat about a specific game so we could make "General chat" where everyone talks about everything, and then small chats for each game developer group "Bethesda chat" , "Ubisoft chat" and so on...

    But it's your choice man.
  10. I know i haven't been very active lately and if any of you remember who i am i salute you. But i'm here to say my farewell, between the changes taking place to the site and me being stupidly busy for the next few months i don't think i have a future on this site, you guys have helped me through difficult times and gave me a platform on which to discuss and theorize about one of my favorite franchises, it saddens me to see the site like this but i wish all of you the best in your future endeavors. Who knows maybe when ES6 is announced and Tamriel Bombed starts we will all see each other again but until then i bid you all good night.

    P.S. i am not a hypocrite if i show up on the site again in a few weeks to see what is going on.

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  11. Live long and prosper.
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  12. All the best man.
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  13. As a less active member, I think it would be better to move it to a smaller site and re-branded SB as just a general gaming forum and RP forum. I was always disappointed the site kinda died with Fallout 4 but it was inevitable from the way it was presented to everyone.
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  14. I too have brought up that we're too much focused on one demographic
  15. Oi Potato get you and your cronies here. Read what the people are saying and actually take note. Depart from Bethesda. Leave them behind. And stop kissing the arses of some wannabe internet "celebs" They contribute NOTHING. Become a gaming website. Not a gaming website that only focuses on Bethesda. Sort your fucking shit out.
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  16. I say we move to a smaller site, we can't just let Sugarbombed die
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  17. What you may not realize is that is exactly what I intended to do in November of 2015 when we had a strong traffic base, I met some strong opposition when trying to get people to focus on all content, just not Bethesda.

    Unfortunately I didn't have the time to dedicate to start that direction on my own, but that's why the forums were changed to put all Bethesda content under it's own forum and add more areas.
  18. Fuck the other people. If I've learned anything it's that other people are arseholes. You're the boss. You have the burden of the site on your shoulders. If you think that changing the site will do the site good, fucking do it.
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  19. Potato I told you when my donations ended and I repeat: this site's contemporary nature has killed it. Take the staff make something new. Something that will last. At it's core, SB is still a Fallout 4 hype site. No matter how many extra features you add or how many attempts at minor remodeling you try, you can't change that. So make a real gaming site, with focus on everything from Fallout to Shenmue. With forums for everything from 90's MS-DOS to FPS games. It at least has a shot.

    But the day of Sugarbombed is over, and the hype train has been derailed. Take what you have left and either change it or load it on a pyre. Let's face it, anything other than changing it at this point is burning it.

    I mean, it's your choice, but at least don't pretend it's anything different.

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