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The Games That Defined Me

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by GalacticPilgrim, Mar 7, 2017.


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  1. Inspiration can come from many sources. A man who saw a bird made the plane. He who creates must also be created. That said, here are some of the games that helped create me. The fly tie dye guy known as GalacticPilgrim

    First off, I have to say that some of the games may not be the first that I played in the series or even the ones I spent the most time with as of late, but those that have had a lasting impact

    1. Super Mario All-Stars
    Super Mario All-Stars was a collection of the original mario games for the Nintendo Entertainment System that were remastered for the SNES. The SNES was my first console and this was one of my first games. It was simple and colorful and everything a child needed to get himself immersed in this new electronic reality. I could play it with my mom, with my friends, or by myself. Day or night. It didn't matter. So naturally, I spent a lot of my childhood playing my SNES. The plot was almost nonexistent but that didn't matter at that time. All I needed was to be engaged and the game served its purpose. If it wasn't for this game, I may not have played any of the other games on this list.

    2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Another game for my SNES, Zelda was my first open world rpg if you can really call it that. It introduced me to concept that's would appear in other games. Questing, loot, interacting with npcs. If Mario was the game that got me in to gaming, Zelda was the game that got me in to games. Suddenly I wasn't just jumping or bouncing around like some loon. I was questing to save the princess and the kingdom of Hyrule. And while that could be also argued for Mario, not only was there an active plot there was lore. Backstory. Tales of ancient wars. Heroes and villains; Brave Link and the evil Ganon. I felt a connection to the character. Which when you look back at to it in 2017 is a little bit silly but I understood Links motivations much more so than Mario's, who seems to just want to rescue to princess in exchange for cake or perhaps sexual favors

    3. Dark Cloud
    Dark Cloud is an action role-playing video game developed by Level-5 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2. Dark Cloud was a game that my friend caleb had. My older sister a had it too so eventually I got my hands on it myself. It followed a lot of the same formula that was Zelda created but it was no clone. It featured a really cool leveling mechanic where you could level up your swords and turn them into cooler, more power swords. My friend Caleb and I started to bring our consoles to each other's houses because of this game. That led to us getting more games to play together which leads us to the next game on my list

    4. Halo 2
    I was a little late to the Halo party as my first halo game was halo 2 but me, Caleb, and a bunch of my other friends would have LAN parties or just play the game split-screen for hours and hours and hours. Halo was epic. So epic. And I mean that in the truest form of the word. Large, vast landscapes. Manly one-liners deliver by the games protagonist, The Master Chief. Intense vehicular combat. I was getting older and naturally I started playing more mature games. At first games, Halo can be tossed aside as a childish shooter with toonish aliens and power ranger like heroes. But when you actually take the time to grasp all the little subplots. All of the biblical and mythological references. You start to see the big picture. The flood, the ark, the covenant. The game is loaded with mature themes and debates about philosophies. Not only that but it was fun to learn the history of the different races of the covenant. To see our grand galaxy from another perspective, too. The social aspect was incredible. It was the first game I played on xbox live. I didn't have internet at my own house for the longest time so there was always something special about going to stay the night at my friends and just playing halo all throughout the night. Getting absolutely no rest, going straight bonkers after nonstop multiplayer. I literally could not put the controller down.

    5. Tony Hawks Underground 2

    I had played a lot of the previous Tony Hawk games but this one is the one that I'd like to say is the most memorable. While called Tony Hawk, it was almost Jackass the game. You traveled the world with Team Hawk and Team Bam, doing insane stunts but also plenty of pranks and mischief. I don't want to admit this, but Tony Hawk games made me get a skateboard. I never got any good. To this day, I've never done anything cool. But I did get a longboard and I've spent a lot of time traveling around Colorado with my mates on our boards. So thank you Tony Hawk, for making me a poser.

    6. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Like any reasonable person, I had an obsession with Star Wars. This game was the first to let me really live my Star Wars fantasies. The campaign spanned the entire saga. The multiplayer was great. It was another game that I played with my friends however, looking back I don't remember ever playing this game online. Not sure if we didn't know it had online multiplayer or if we were just so content with was the game had to offer offline. I can't say I owe my Star Wars fanaticism to this game but Instead i do owe this game to my Star Wars fanaticism, wish is why it is on this list

    7. Pokemon Emerald

    Oh boy. Pokemon. People are going to hate me but Generation 3 is my favorite. I had a gameboy advanced SP, pokemon Emerald, and a wireless adapter to trade. I would take this game to school not only just to play but to trade and battle people during our freetime. Their wasn't any other game where you could do something like that and quite frankly even today I can't name many other games that allow for the battle and trading systems that pokemon has.

    8. Oblivion

    I had played the previous Elder Scrools Game, Morrowind, but I had not owned it myself until I was much older so Oblivion was the first time I got to sit down and play a Bethesda game to my hearts content and since oblivion, I've gotten every single Bethesda Game Studios game. The Fallouts, Skyrim. All games I've spent thousands of hours in, that I could not have done if it not were for Oblivion. So thank you, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. You were the next step my evolution of RPGs. Zelda, Dark Cloud, and now you.

    9. Assassin's Creed

    Assassin's Creed was much like Halo in that I could not only play this fantastic game but I could dive into the theme of the game. The battle between the Templars and the Assassins got me into history in a time when I otherwise would have not been. Suddenly I was learning the geography, religions, and cultures of lands I'd never stepped in. I stopped buying Assassin's Creeds after a while because they got stale and cheaper with each entry, which is a dann shame but I do hold the memories of the earlier ones dearly.

    10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    The Witcher 3 is everything I've needed as game as of late. Its mature, the combat can be intense, its very cinematic, and it just doesn't mess around with sending you to do meaningless chores like some other RPGs. Its 2017 and I'm still playing the Witcher 3. I've complete the based game ages ago but there's still so much i've yet to discover. People i've yet to meet and monsters I've yet to slay. The Witcher 3 has been the most recent step in my evolution as a gamer. I had played many rpgs before but this was the first one to really pull at my emotions. To make me think about the actions of my choices. This was the first game to treat me like the adult I've become. It knows when to be funny, but its not too comical. This game convinces me the world is real. And if the world is real then so are its people. Its when you start to feel that your choices can affect the world and its people, that you realize how great the witcher really is.

    Anyway guys, that was my list of games that have made me who I am. Games that have defined me, so to speak. So now that I've ranted all this nonsense I'd like to know about the games that have defined you. Be sure to comment, it doesnt have to be a list and it doesn't have to be a game. It could be a genre. Or even a console/ I just want to know what about gaming has made you, You. - GalacticPilgrim
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  2. #2 Arch Draitex, Mar 7, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2017
    Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST, Reach (I used to really love halo)
    These were the games me and my friends played, we could find all skulls, beat the game on legendary, and LASO challenges, was a cakewalk.
    we knew how to play, and we knew all easter eggs, exploits and powerful tactics.
    ((Just to be different my least favorite is 2))

    Conker BFD / Live and reloaded.
    The funniest game i've ever played, a big inspiration for my sense of humor among other things.

    Postal II.

    My first game entry into the path of over the top insane catharsis games, It's not for everyone, it's far from perfect, but damnit it's fun, and since the first time i played it, it has remained fun.
    It's the very definition of Chaotic Neutral.
    Not the best game i've played... not even in the top 10, but the humor and over the top gameplay still makes it a worthwhile mention.

    Kotor 2
    This is the best Star Wars game ever released if you ask me, the characters, the story and the war torn broken galaxy, it's incredible, the winners are irrelevant, because all characters, enviroments and even the republic is sent into chaos and disorder, In kotor 1 (good ending) there is a huge celebration for beating Malak and winning the war.

    Kotor 2 shows that, the celebration was stupid and idiotic, the war was ended, but in it's wake was only destruction and more death.
    The choices range from subtle to major, your connection to your team is explained in an amazing way, you feed on them, if you're happy, so are they etc.

    It's among if not THE BEST way a game has ever broken down both Star Wars and RPG mechanics and elements, and give it a lore explanation that makes sense. it's an awesome game!

    Monkey Island 1, 2 and 3.

    The best point and click Adventure game in existence, I'll fight tooth and nail to prove it.
    the humor and jokes, every single Puzzle is fun, the captivating personalities of the characters, the minigames and dialouge.
    these games are incredible, and you NEED to play it. 2 is the best, followed by 1, and 3 in the last place, but they are still all great games.

    Atlantis: The lost tales.
    I had the swedish verision as a kid, and it's a great game... no it isn't, the puzzles range from interesting and fun, to fucking pointless, the characters range from interesting to fucking bullshit... but I played it all the time as a kid, and i know it isnide out, and I'll forever hold it dear aslong i wear my nostalgia shades.

    Spec Ops: The Line

    An Underrated gem of a game, I can't say too much about this game except this, the gameplay is meh, but the story and characters, and their development, it's fucking insane how good it is, and currently it's the ONLY game that surprised me with a twist, writing in this game is 10/10, and you should play it just because of that reason alone..

    Baldur's Gate 2, And Planescape Torment.
    Played these as a kid with my stepbrother, he helped me complete it, every playthrough is a completely new experience, and it very much defines what an RPG should be.
    I have played through them more recently, and although it's a bit... dated and some spells are fucking bullshit.. it's still enjoyable.

    Fallout 1, 2 and New Vegas

    I started playing Fallout 3, and at the time I thought it was perfect, i loved it so much.

    but the New vegas came out, and improved on eveyrthing, story, mechanics, characters, writing and choices, I loved NV with a passion and i still play it to date, it has problems, yeah, but it more the n makes up for it.

    All characters have their own story and are all very ''alive'' their stories all make sense and i enjoy listening to them, Caesar, Arcade, House, Cheif Hanlon, I could listen to their dialouge over and over again, and i still find it interesting and captivating.

    Fallout 1 and 2 also did this, and did it well, it's a bit dated yeah, the UI could be better and there are issues just like with NV, but the PRO's far outweigh the CON's.

    Witcher 1, 2 and especially 3
    I love the witcher series, the first game was...not the best, but the story, lore, atmosphere and characters were all great.

    the second one cranked it to 11 and improved on almost every aspect, far from perfect, but the story, the characters and general gameplay and the game itself was vastly improved.
    IT does a lot of things well, especially choices and consequences.

    And Witcher 3, who gave 110%, I went in with higher expectations than i've ever ever had for a game, I was so hyped and excited for Witcher 3 even after the announce teaser, and i actually had ''demands'' on what i needed for this to become the game i wanted it to be... My expectations were higher for W3 then any other game i've played, they were unreallistic at best.

    But CDPR did not only deliver on my demands and expectations, they Overdelivered with miles and miles, there is no such thing as a perfect game, but Witcher 3 is as close as it gets, the characters are better than ever, the story whilst cliche still is amazing, Ciri And Geralts relationship IS THE ONLY father daughter bond, that made me this emotionally invested, Walking dead and TLOU both great, but none of those games actually made my chest feel empty when i saw Ciri on the isle of mist.

    and another thing in Witcher 3, the reactions and facial animation... it's so good, Geralt hides his emotions all the time, but the subtle facial animations when he feels pain, or saddness.... oh my god... It's so well made in every aspect, that if i ever were to allow a 10/10 or 100/100, Witcher 3 is and will always be that game.

    After beating Witcher 3, when Geralt stands in Kaer Morhen... I actually felt like something had been taken from me, like i'd lost an old friend, I was so invested in Witcher 3, and no game has ever come close to make me feel like Witcher 3 did.
  3. I'm a man of few words so I wont write walls of text.

    Age of Empires 2
    Crusader Kings 2
    Europa Universalis 4
    Hearts of Iron 4 ( I wish it had more depth like 3 does though )
    Total war ( Medieval 2, Rome and Shogun 2 )
    STALKER trilogy
    Witcher trilogy
    and of course " Fallout: The west coast " ( F1,2, NV )

    I like to think, conquer, manage, siege, survive and just shoot some motherfuckers.

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