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What Will Be The Timeline Of Star Field And Where Will It Take Place In Space?

Discussion in 'Starfield' started by PHIL0S0PHY, Oct 7, 2016.

  2. I predict people will hate Starfield, because Bethesda.

    "It's just Skyrim with blasters!"
    "Give the franchise back to Obsidian!"
    "They removed all the roleplaying!"
    "No consequences for saving the galaxy!"
    "No Man's Sky looked better!"
    "Why is this game still popular despite all the negative reviews I've written?"
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  3. Lol a single polygon looks better than NMS :p And Skyrim with blasters in space is a bad thing??? What kind of world do you guys live in???
  4. A post-apocalyptic game in which the few human survivors have been forced to spread thinly in space stations headed in different directions from Earth looking for a habitable planet. You work for the organization that started the Starfield program as the space version of an officer traveling between space stations as ordered. However, through your conversations with the people of these stations you find out that the organization that you work for is concerned with more than the preservation of human kind. Would you follow any order given to you, even if it brings the misfortune of others? Can you be certain that your work is benefiting mankind? You are to report anything you find on your travels back to the Starfield leaders, but can you really trust them? Do you follow every command, hoping that they know what is best for mankind or would you go rogue and set out to find the truth about this project and its leaders, whatever it takes?
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  5. That would be awesome
  6. Honestly all we have to go on at the minute is a title, if starfield was real and was to be announced this E3 I would hope bethesda gave us a teaser trailer just to give off information like when it will be set and what the timescale is
  7. It was really asking what people speculate it could be, but yeah currently there is no concrete information

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