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would you like a remake of fallout 1

Discussion in 'Fallout Classics' started by damagedgore5, Aug 12, 2015.


do you want a remake of fallout 1

Poll closed Sep 2, 2015.
  1. yes

    10 vote(s)
  2. no

    2 vote(s)
  1. If it were possible, then yes. Mostly because I want to know how the original games fit in the new Fallout universe that Bethesda has created. It's pretty clear in 3 and 4, that they retconned the universe in a number of ways. So, it would make it feel, at least for me, more consistent and solid. And it would also be cool to see a lot of the new lore retro fitted into the old stories, in one way or another.

    However, as much as I would be okay if they just admitted to a retcon and redid it all, I completely understand a lot of people would be mad.
  2. I think I would leave it up to modders to recreate the map into Fallout 4's engine. As Pete Hines said, there is no point going back to an old game when they could just make another. I feel like the modders might do a better job, but it would have to be a very serious team, like the people behind The Frontier.
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  3. I wouldn't know, but Wouldn't Wasteland 2 be the optimal game to make a fallout 1 remake mod? (if you just wan't it remastered)
  4. There would be some real challenges involved with turning the first Fallouts into first person shooter RPG's like the latest games. If they could find good ways to work some of those out, I would like to see a remastered version of both games.
  5. Well... The thing is that they don't NEED to make them FPS remakes. They could update to a newer engine (use Obsidian's modified Unity custom top-down engine) or Unreal Engine 4. It's possible and it wouldn't take TO much time! And the game would look epic! Maybe make all the conversations be actual conversations not just talking heads or nothing at all. Add more effects and instead of a "point-on-a-map" travel make the wasteland an actual wasteland. I know it's possible because I did a small proof of concept years ago in Unreal Engine 3, and it only took me 7 months to make like the starting part of Fallout 1.

    So Yeah I'd really really love a remake!
  6. I'd rather see them make a non-canon remake of Van Buren, with the Fallout 4 engine they could make the Hoover Dam the eighth wonder of the world.
  7. A remake would be cool. Hopefully something that would make it more... congruent? I just find I have a hard time figuring out what the fuck I'm doing in that game most the time.
  8. Yeah it's harder to pickup and just "play" fallout 1 or 2, but a remake could be epic! But not in that stupid 2.5D but actual 3D and in 1st person :D I could live with fallout 1/2 in first person if they stick to the original material.

  9. If it was a 1:1 remake of Fallout 1 and/or 2 done in the Fo4 engine, yeah, I could see that making a lot of money and being pretty cool. Actually, I think it would be pretty cool to see Fallout 1/2 character done up like in Fo4, then maybe they'd wouldn't hit the uncanny valley so hard.
    Also, the battle against Horrigan would be pretty cool.
  10. The talking heads didn't even walk near the uncanny valley :p They were and still are things of nightmare :D
  11. Using the Creation Engine, walking from Vault 13 to Shady Sands would take a couple of hours. Not sure anyone wants that kind of game. Unless you made the game map so compressed that you could see Los Angles from San Fransisco...
  12. They were hitting the uncanny valley for me, but yeah. Nightmare fuel inducing.

    They'd probably have to set up kinda like Dragon Age where every instance is its own worldspace that you can explore. It'd probably "Kill Immersion" but it'd be the only way of doing things without setting up a fuckmassive worldspace with huge empty gaps. I think that's how PaladinV0ci and his crew were setting it up.
  13. I could get behind that.
  14. I'd never be okay with only 1st person though, since i play in 3rd all the time :p
  15. Thanks :D

    You see... I myself cannot get over the 3rd person view. First person makes it much more personal. Much easier for me to be me.
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