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    Question Have you ever seen a ghost?

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    Best Bioware game?

    sorry sweaty but only Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is an acceptable answer.
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    Question Have you ever seen a ghost?

    ghosts arent real unless they are which they arent.
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    The Misunderstanding of Fallout 76

    big mcthankies from mcspankies for the article about Fallout 2.6
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    Best Bioware game?

    all of you are FUCKING WRONG. refer to my answer for the correct one.
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    Best Bioware game?

    Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood obviously
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    Will BGS make a comeback?

    i doubt BGS will even fucking last long enough to release TES6
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    im gonna say the N word

    im gonna say the N word
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    Will BGS make a comeback?

    BuT sKyRiM aNd FaLlOuT 4 aRe FlAwLeSs!
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    What's your favorite BGS game?

    I don't really like anything BGS has actually made, moreso things that BethSoft has published - but this isn't a thread about that so I digress. I suppose if I had to choose something, I guess I'd pick Fallout 3?
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    What would you like changed about a game?

    i want the reputation and disguise system in Fallout NV to work properly, the entire skill system to be added back into Fallout 4, and I want splitscreen multiplayer to be added to the PC ports of the Borderlands series, to name a few. I suppose I'd also like to see Sonic 06 not have horrible...
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    Switch Pokemon 2019

    i hope they just stop making pokemon games
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    my apologies

    my apologies
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    What's the best country in the world?

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    Best New Vegas Mods?

    get the mod to get rid of the orange fucking filter then the one to add the obvious sign for the BoS bunker in hidden valley.
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    Coca Cola Vs Dr Pepper Vs Pepsi

    as a response to my previous post, I am in no way implying that horse piss is not a delicious beverage that I enjoy on many occasions - no, not at all. You can see me constantly chilling with the boys taking swigs of that sweet gooey liquid. I crack a can open for me and the family at least once...
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    Will BGS make a comeback?

    hence my bait of a response ;}
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    Will BGS make a comeback?

    alright well if you're just gonna act like bethesda is this saint of a company then I'll take the conversation to people who don't live in dreamworld.
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    Will BGS make a comeback?

    if Bethesda just focused on making the gamebryo engine functional instead of adding all this cinematic bullshit it'd be a fine engine. But no you gotta have the 10 second animation for breaking a limb, critical meleeing, and getting into power armour ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ every other game that's used...