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  1. Monte

    The Fall of the House of Todd: A Post-Mortem Analysis of Fallout 76

    THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF TODD: A POST-MORTEM ANALYSIS OF FALLOUT 76 By @Monte Recently, I’ve been walking around ground zero. I don’t mean the epicenter of a nuclear blast in Fallout 76’s Appalachia, I’m talking about the online Fallout community. People everywhere aren’t just disappointed...
  2. Monte

    Fallout 76 will NOT be on Steam

    “ Bethesda has become the latest video game publisher to begin pulling a major game series from rivals' download services. The publisher's latest announcement about the online RPG Fallout 76included hints to a first for a 3D Fallout game: it won't be sold via Steam. Our suspicions were raised by...
  3. Monte

    History of BGS documentary

    I just skipped to the FO4 part, some interesting tidbits there like: fo4 being set in new york, todd’s reaction to leaks, cut features etc Also at the end of the video, danny o dwyer says “join us next week for an exciting deep dive into the GAMES this studio has been working on” :woah: Making...
  4. WokeMods

    Looking for a Fallout 4 modding team

    Hey, I am looking for a modding team ex: Programmer, Writer/Editor, 3D Modeler and Someone good at retexturing objects and adding them to the game(Not sure who to call this. Me myself would be working on the world creation and adding everything into the game. I will be working with everyone on...
  5. Monte

    Bethesda's Pete Hines Teases Unannounced Game

    BREAKING NEWS: PETE HINES DROPS A POSSIBLE BOMBSHELL OUT OF NOWHERE Lately it seems we can't go more than a few weeks without some Bethesda related rumor/speculation. This time however, it is coming direct from the horses mouth. In an interview with Tek Syndicate at Pax West, Pete had this to...
  6. CJTreader

    Which is your favorite Fallout radio station?

    One of the things I love about the Fallout games is the radio stations. Which is your personal favorite?
  7. CJTreader

    Which Fallout 4 ending is canon?

    There were about 5 main endings to Fallout 4, but we still don't know which one was 'canon'. Which do you think is Fallout 4's true ending?
  8. CJTreader

    Which Fallout game has the best cinematic opening?

    At the beginning of every mainline Fallout game, there's that cinematic opening monologue where the guy says, "War. War never changes." Which game do you think had the best one?
  9. Monte

    SB Exclusive: Chris Avellone Interview Pts. 1 & 2

    CHRIS AVELLONE INTERVIEW PART 1 (originally posted 10/31/16) Chris Avellone is a legend in the gaming industry, and has worked on some of the greatest western RPG's of all time like Fallout 2, New Vegas, KOTOR 2, and more. Last fall, I had the chance to send him some questions via email...
  10. Fallout God

    Fallout 2 Enclave Vs Fallout 4 BOS

    So on the left corner we have the Enclave with: their Oil Rig and Navarro Base; Frank Horrigan and the Secret Service; hundreds of highly trained soldiers with high tech equipment, such as X-01 Power Armour (if I use the old version of Power Armour it's harder to compare) and Plasma Casters...