5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For Kingdom Come: Deliverance



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5 Reasons You Should Be Excited for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

If you've been browsing around the internet here of late, you've more than likely heard of an up and coming game titled Kingdom Come: Deliverance. If you haven't heard, Kingdom Come is a realistic medieval role-playing game, set in the Holy Roman Empire. Even if you have yet to see any gameplay, that sentence alone should excite you, especially if you're an RPG nerd. The game is chock full of interesting features that should appeal to every player, casual or hardcore. If you're still yet to be convinced, then let me list you 5 reasons why you should be hyped.

Beautiful Visuals

The visuals of Kingdom Come are absolutely stunning. In depth, detailed textures help bring the Kingdom of Bohemia to life. The immersion will be at an all time high with great facial animations, impressive voice acting, and clear, crisp audio. It will on 1080p/30FPS for most systems, but not HDMR, as the engine does not support it. However, this shouldn't lessen the beauty of the world.

An Intriguing Story

Unlike most RPGs, instead of the players creating their own characters, the players take control of Henry, the son of a blacksmith (also unlike most other RPG's, he's not the saviour of the world). He's a bit of a troublemaker around his village, caught throwing droppings at the house of one of the village residents. This all changes when a group of mercenaries raid and massacres his village and family, leaving him as the only survivor. He must travel the Kingdom of Bohemia, where the newly appointed King has been kidnapped, and war ensues. Henry will meet interesting characters, and go upon several quest in the face of war has he trains to become a soldier.

In-depth Combat:

Different from most combat systems, where the hardest part is pressing a button fast enough, Kingdom Come features a complex combat system that will make players measure every slash of the sword and knock of the bow. There's a large range of weapons, from swords and shields, bows, and broadswords, the options on how to take down your enemies is vast. The variety in enemies is also challenging. You'll have to combat everything that stand in your way, from cruel and relentless bandits, to skilled and precise knights. You will need to change up your tactics depending on what kind of enemies you'll face.

Near Endless Re-playability

The story and world of Kingdom Come is vast with choices and consequences. Simple things such as choosing what to say, what to wear, and the timing of arrival in certain villages can drastically effect aspects of the game, which makes it perfect for multiple playthroughs. Arrive in a tavern to hear someone was killed the night before? Take note of that, and on your next playthrough try to hustle. The relationships you build and people you meet can also have an impact on the world. Choosing to ridicule or befriend a traveler can both reap different benefits, that of which requires multiple playthroughs to experience them all.

Classless Skills and Leveling

Despite not being able to create your own main character, Kingdom Come will still feature loads of customization. With individual skill sets you have ability to take on regular roles, such as thief, bard, warrior. But you can also change them up to create a unique gameplay experience. From Persuasion to Leadership, you can toll in your points earned from experience and craft Henry to your needs. The large range of skills also adds into the re-playability factor, you can choose how you want to take on each playthrough. Choose to charge in head-on as a knight, or a sneaky archer. The way you play is entirely up to you. Kingdom Come Deliverance releases February 13th on PS4/Xbox One and PC.

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