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Fallout: Gally Edition

"Who are you?" My captor asks, tightening the restraints more than the night before. My knees scraping against the dungeons floor as the bonds around my wrist pull my arms ever so higher in the air.

"Better question is, who's going to pick up the bits after I smash your face in?" I retorted but before I could fully smirk, the butt of his gun whiped the smile off of my face.

"If it wasn't up to the boss, I'd stand you up like a man and then gut you like a pig. Again, I will ask. Who are you?", he demands as his knife goes to my neck. "Ahh, what do we have here?" He mumbles as the knife catches the necklace around my neck. "NCR? We've never seen the likes of you this fast east. Though, some rangers have crossed The Big River, the fog typically drives them mad. So now, answer me. What's a Ranger doing this side of The Mississippi?"

"I'm no Ranger. They were my father's. He came to the Capital Wasteland with my mother. He freed her from The Legion and they left the Republic for the East so that they could start a life" I said as the man stepped back, ripping off the dog tags, pulling the knife from my throat and walking to a table with many tools and weapons.

"So if you're not NCR, then what deathwish do you have walking in to our camp?" He asks going through tools while I test my bonds. I see that the section of the roof that my arm restraints are staked too, is starting to crumble.

"As I said. I'm going to smash your head in" I taunt.

"Whatever kid, the boss has plans for you. We're going to cut you open and use your entrails as a banner. You came in to our camp. Armed. Anyone who comes knocking at our door asking for a fight, get's one. All the folk 'round here will fear Cassidy Klutch and his gang"

"I guess you're going to have to show me"

"The boss said we can't kill you, but he never said I can't bruise you up first." He said as he appoached me with a bat, perverted with wire and nail.

'Okay, this is it' I think to lf. He steps coser as I pulled with all my weight, comprising the ceiling above and bringing it down on the raider. The dust and debris had stuns him and in the moments before he could regain his sense, i slingmy chains around his feet, pulling him to the ground and into my range. I grab a piece of rebar with concrete, a tool my distraction had created, and smashed the raiders head. I grab my father's tags and make for a quick escape, assuming the rest of his gang would soon come to his aid, having heard the noise of conflict and my freedom. I grab a hunting rifle from the table, the raiders knife, and some stims from the table. "One, two...THREE" I count to myself as I bust through the door, expecting the rest of the gang. Nothing. Silence.