Favourite Civilisation Civ And Why?

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  1. This a thread for you to post which civilisation in the Civ series is your favourite and why.

    I have only played five myself, and so far I think Poland is the best due to getting a free social policy at the start of every era and their Winged Hussars are awesome.

    How about you?
  2. I haven't played enough Civ to know which is technically a the best, but I always enjoy playing as the Romans or the Germans.
  3. Romans are good for construction, Germans are good for war. Nice choices, they are both pretty good to play as.
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  4. I like American for expansionism. Cheap land ftw.
  5. Fair enough, they are definitely rank among my favourite Civs precisely for that reason. Plus they have Minutemen, and damn there are a lot of settlements that need their help.
  6. Loooooooooool
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  7. What did you expect? XD
  8. In 6 I mostly play Montezuma of the Aztec, Needing to build districts he has a HUGe advantage in using builders to complete them. I also Love building ALLL the wonders so I will ocasionally play Qin Shi Huang of China as he gets to use builder points to complete wonders and gets Canoneers early so if you want to dominate in the mid game he gives you a big advantage there.

    In 5 I almostly strictly played Rome.
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  9. Yeah, Wonders4TheWin!
    Rome's pretty damn good in Civ 6.
  10. Yeah the roads and the golds are nice. But my play style has changed a bit and the character styles have changed so Rome is lower on my play list, although i do a play through with them now and then.
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  11. real men play random.
  12. Yeah, but then you end up with shit Civs that aren't fun to play as.
  13. thats why you aren't a real man, pussy.
  14. George Washington in Civ 5 bb. I love nothing more than rolling over other civs, Manifest Destiny shall live on Forever
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  16. I have always liked Spain and Japan, Spain because of their exploration bonuses and Japan because of population growth bonuses.

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