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Immunity to the Flood (Halo)


Only two (known) species exist in the halo universe with an immunity to the flood....
The Engineers and The Promethean Knights
if you are interested in halo, the flood, and its lore then please check out this guy

Maybe also,
weren't Spartan I and II are immune aswell? Johnson and MC were immune too right?
Yes and No.
The Flood can infect anything with a nervous system. my memory isnt gold, but i believe the spartan 1's just didnt appear as "human" to them
But from what i can remember, a lot of the "diseases" that spartan 1's got were coverups and a lot of their info is also covered up in a way, so you have the question some of the info

buuuutt for the sake of an answer
Yes, the can be infected
Can they sometimes go unnoticed by the flood, yes
Can they be killed be the flood, yes
Could they be used for biomass, yes

If im wrong please correct me, spartan 1s have always been ehhhh in my memory and its hard to remember the exact details

I'm going to watch his video on the spartans to be sure, you can check it out too, will post my finding afterwards perhaps :p

"by no means do johnsons alterations make him purely immune to they flood.....
but it makes it longe,r more complex and time consuming for an infection form
also they less likely to be attacked/infected than a normal human

this could also apply to spartan 2-4s
with 2's perhaps being the most resistant

but yeah, they can be infected but its hard and rare.but technically we have seen spartan 4 forms in halo 4 infection mode. Technically.