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  1. So I've been thinking about it and I feel confused on how mods are selected and what role they have to play. The site has a lot of mods, but only 1-2 mods that are active every day. Additionally, to me (as the common user) some mods seem to be selected at random. They weren't there for the last few months of the old site, they weren't the most active of the new site, they were as well-behaved as anyone else when they were selected, overall, they didn't and don't seem to stand out.
    Overall, my point is why have circa 20 mods, if 2-5 of them actually do anything and many only 2 of them actually try to be active semi-daily? Isn't the whole point of a mod/staff member to help the community and do something good for the site?

    I'm not calling for change, this site is pretty dead anyway, I'd just like an proper explanation to these things.
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  2. i am no mod. but it would seem that any modded moderator cannot be ARSED to respond. !!!. it is. poetic. and PROVES THE POINT OF THIS RANT.
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  3. yes
  4. Someone like, had this gun, and ran into a room and let the clip out. everyone who got hit became a mod

    blame the shooter
    monte :p

    nah for real though, some of the mods are what i consider "legacy mods" kinda like myself. honestly we dont deserve the title, maybe something else. title like "legends of the wastes" or something. but theres a good deal of mods idk, or havent ever met. but i wasnt around at the end of the first sb. i spent like 1.5 years then kinda bailed, then time passed, monte hmu in like aug to come back.
    here now, get on like 3-6 times a month
    id be on every day if there was more content in the forums and chat, but theres just no life here :p

    love sb
    will be here to go down with the ship when the time comes :b
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  5. we have only 100 something members to our previous like 13k
    go join fallout radposting on facebook or something, whatever tickles your fancy :p
    radposting is a little toxic but i looove it
  6. You are one of the few who tries to be active, so I'm mostly okay with you, even though you becoming mod on the new site is kinda weird.
    still, you got good wibes so its hard to dislike you : ))
  7. eye thoo was on old ess bee... nobody knows who I WaS thoughg!!! ! ! !
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  8. ;)
  10. Wow this is an old thread but as a mod I will give my two cents.

    Mods were chosen by Monte, and the people he chose we people he knew pretty well and trusted. You're right in that we aren't much different from the average user. And that is probably a good thing. Monte just knew us before the site and knew we could be trusted with the responsibility of being a mod, but there isn't much responsibility anyway.

    The reason the majority of us are inactive is because the site is dead, sadly. There is only a small handful of people who visit daily, people like you guul, people we trust and know that we don't need to come watch over. It isn't our responsibility that the site is dead either, that is mostly on Monte's hands. If he wanted us actively advertising and promoting the site he would tell us, and we would do it. He has said nothing though. Not trying to put all the blame on you Monte haha.

    If the site starts generating significantly more traction, I'll start getting on a lot more often and hopefully other mods will too. But I don't see any reason that would happen unless we get promoted on Matty's channel again (which Monte has not wanted) or a new Fallout game gets announced.
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  11. this is a good explanation, thanks.
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  12. eeehahah yessss you're a good explanatnion
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  13. thx bby
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  14. sorry im always too high to give a good explanation
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