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Discussion in 'Issues & Announcements' started by guul66, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. So I've been thinking about it and I feel confused on how mods are selected and what role they have to play. The site has a lot of mods, but only 1-2 mods that are active every day. Additionally, to me (as the common user) some mods seem to be selected at random. They weren't there for the last few months of the old site, they weren't the most active of the new site, they were as well-behaved as anyone else when they were selected, overall, they didn't and don't seem to stand out.
    Overall, my point is why have circa 20 mods, if 2-5 of them actually do anything and many only 2 of them actually try to be active semi-daily? Isn't the whole point of a mod/staff member to help the community and do something good for the site?

    I'm not calling for change, this site is pretty dead anyway, I'd just like an proper explanation to these things.

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