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  1. Has anyone been able to get there hands on the NES classic? What are your thoughts on both the NES and the upcoming SNES
  2. Yeah I have, one time my neighbor was having a yard sale and in a barrel I found two NES games so she said I could keep them and I brought them home and i got one of them working for a while so she lent me Super Mario Bros 3. It was a really cool experience.
  3. Im actually refereing to the new mini devices that Nintendo is releasing.

    That Mini classic was selling in stores for 60 bucks, but Nintendo only produced 2 million of them and hten canceled it. Now they are selling on Ebay for $300

    The upcoming SNES version was available for pre-order on walmart but so many people pre-ordered that walmart is now going back through and canceling peoples orders becuse they wont have hte stock to meet them.
  4. Oh whoops I thought you meant the ORIGINAL ones that I had from 1985. I did want to get one of those tho because they looked really cool.
  5. I got my original Nintendo when a friend whos parents had more money than mine broke his and they bought him a new one. He game me the broken one. My father being ols school in the computer industry had tought me a lot of basic electronics, so I opened it up, found the power lead had broken loose on the mainboard " I assume it fell and cought on the poer cord" So I re-soldered it and boom had a nintendo. Did not really play it much though because i already had an 8088 PC and a modem.
  6. If I had the money I would love to get this to experience what it was like to play the NES, I was in 1997 so I didn't really get a good chance to experience it.
  7. Yeah, there was a time in the early 2000's when you could get all the older Nintendo systems for pretty cheap, but now they have all entered Collector stage and nothing is cheap anymore.
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    Hard to buy one when I can buy a WII and get all the old Nes and Snes games anyway.

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