Rate the profile pic above you

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by CJTreader2001, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. It's pretty self-explanatory
  2. 9.7/10 Well designed and pleasant to look at.
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  3. I would've rated your's higher but the words are hard to read as the image isn't super simple.
  4. Yeah, that's all good. It's just something I grabbed off the 'net tbh
  5. Gotta give it a whooping 9000 for the NCR patriotism.
    Its design, and colours are pretty good though.
  6. 8/10 for its simplicity and smoothness.
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  7. 5/10 not very interesting.
  8. 5.5/10.
  9. bok bok bich you want to get fukd
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  10. 5.6/10, not very interesting
  11. 9.9/10
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  12. 8.5/10 symmetrical, thought provoking, and memorable, but the bottom side is empty and it make me think of conspiracy theorists
  13. 9/10 glory to the New California Republic
  14. 8/10 mood geme
  15. Super tiny, yet also original 4/10
  16. 10/10 fits your profile pretty well.
  17. 10/10 Needs more bucket
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  18. 10/10 bok bok biches
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  19. Its Todd Howard with a bucket on his head... presumably to show that he's so blind to what his consumers want? 9/10

    Sweet little lies

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