RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2: Release date, screenshots, delay!


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badposture.jpg boom.jpg dutch.jpg gamergril.jpg godrays.jpg gun.jpg pretty.jpg Yesterday, February 1st 2018, Rockstar announced that the long awaited sequel to Red Dead Redemption (2010) is going to be released on October 26, 2018. This is another delay, as last time they had said Spring 2018 with no specific date. The game is going to be releasing about two years after it's initial announcement in October 2016.

There has not been any information on whether or not this game will be coming for PC.

They did also give us seven new screenshots though, and damn is this game looking nice. I'll quickly go over each.

Firstly we can see a side view of, presumably Arthur Morgan, riding his horse. I don't know if it's just me but man his posture looks bad.

Next is a picture of I think again Arthur, based off the hat, crawling on the floor of a bank maybe? The guy behind him looks like a banker to me. There's a big explosion going on, perhaps this is a cutscene during a robbery?

Here's my favorite: Dutch van der Linde, the primary antagonist of RDR, and Arthur riding together through the snow. It looks like Bill Williamson is behind them, and a few others who are blurred out.

Then there's a picture of Arthur and the mysterious girl with no name riding. Not much here, but notice how the butt of a rifle/shotgun sticks off Arthur's horse. Perhaps we can hang weapons on our horses?

The godrays look really powerful here, almost a bit much actually. This game looks beautiful. We see somebody, probably Arthur, facing off? or meeting with three riders.

Then there's Arthur dual wielding revolvers in a shootout, being a badass. Glad to confirm that dual wielding will be present, I really missed it in RDR. There's a lot of shrapnel from I guess an explosion? Two men are collapsing in the background. Not sure what is going on really but it probably will be fun to play through!

Finally we really get a look at the scale and beauty of this world. This mountainside looks huge, and this is only part of the map. We've also seen snowy roads, desert plains, rivers, towns, and more. I think this map is gonna be big and beautiful. Hopefully someone can take that map that people think will be RDR2's and try and pinpoint this location onto it.

Anyway, I'm super excited for RDR2 and I hope you all are too. Hopefully Rockstar doesn't let us down after all this polishing (they rarely do though!).



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I think this would be better suited for the misc. gaming section as it's also been confirmed for Xbox.

I played a ton of RDR, so I'm really looking forward to RDR2, but I don't have a console. As excited as I am for this game, i can't see myself buying a whole new system for it and especially not one that's technologically inferior. I probably will just end up waiting a year or so more for the PC port. I am interested to see how it pans out without the Benz.
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