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Discussion in 'Sony' started by Eddie, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Spider-Man is an upcoming action-adventure video game based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. It is being developed by Insomniac Games and to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4. Here's where we will discuss all things Spider Man PS4.

  2. I think I spent more time of my childhood playing Spider-man games than actually going outside. He's my favorite Superhero ever, and I hope that this game will make him shine for me just as Spider-man 2 for PS2 did for me.

    No game made the arduous process of swinging around a crime-ridden New York City as enjoyable and rewarding than that game did. Also, the fact that this game will have an original storyline featuring a pretty good villain, brings back memories of the excitement I felt playing Spider-man Web of Shadows - Feeling like watching a whole new SM movie or comic unfold through my game-play.

    God I hope it's good.
  3. I think it was Spider Man 2 on PS2 I played, but I had a blast playing this spiderman game, I webbed and beat the shit out of baddies
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  4. I remember playing Treyarch's Spiderman on the Gamecube. I'm pretty sure that Spiderman 2 game everyone loved was the sequel to the Spiderman game I played. I still have fond memories of swinging around the city. I hope this game is good, but I can't really get excited for it as I doubt I'll end up buying a PS4. Hopefully they port it, but not optimistic about that.
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  5. yeah it was. Spider-Man 2 was the one that made it open world rather than the linear level structure of the first game. Both were great.
    Yeah I think my 3 favorite spider man games are Spider Man 2, Ultimate Spider Man and Web Of Shadows. had a blast playing all 3.
    I think the game looks cool for sure but I'm wondering if it will top any of mine, it looks awesome for sure. I'm not the biggest fan on how the weight physics look but fair enough. I just hope it's as open as it looks. We've had so many mediocre SM titles over recent years so if we can actually have one where I can truly go on it and just have fun swinging through the city with actual stuff to do and it's innovated. They done their job. I just want to have that new one where I'm like I want to play this all the time (that's how I was with 2) I do think the weight of spider man could work in its favor as it would be closer to modern (I really liked the way spider man 3 (treyarch version) and web of shadows did this) But it needs to have an interesting hook to it too obviously. Throw in a story (I don't care length wise, it can be as short or as long as they want) challenges etc but from what I've seen it really does look good. I still do think those QTEs look out of place but I can easily get past that. I just hope there isn't so many spread throughout the story. It really does look like their paying attention to criticisms of other ones and stepping up their game though. Insomniacs recent productions have been competent too so that has me really excited. Ratchet and Clank wasn't exactly 100% respectful to it's source (the original games) but they tried their best for sure and it's still really good so I'm just hoping I get a lot of hours in this one. Maybe bring back skyscraper tokens for some good ol nostalgia! (just don't put them in areas impossible to find like Treyarch did lol)
  6. I have never played a Spider-Man game in my whole life. Never had much will to play one either.
  7. qte

    uh oh
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  8. Spider man 2 was GREAT. I had it for GameCube though. ^.^
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  9. Gamecube was the superior version, wasn't it?
  10. I couldn't say as I never had it for ps2. But I certainly loved it.
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  11. There wasn't much difference between the PS2, OG Xbox or Gamecube versions but whenever someone brings it up. It hits by nostalgia funny bone. I've noticed people recently try to make the game out to be just that and not aged well at all but I honestly couldn't disagree more. It's kind of sad to see so many people trying to make this game seem worse than it is when really in my opinion, it's the best spider-man game created to date. I have seen so many people say 'the game didn't age well' as if it's a detracting point to the game or something when in reality by that logic, every bloody PS2, GC and OG Xbox game 'didn't age well' sorry for the rant but I love this game so much. (oh and btw, this isn't the same for Gamecube as the GC is a much more powerful system and has a lot more games that aged better) but talking about

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