Spiderman: Homecoming

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  1. Wasn't Tom Holland the shit? Any discussion to be had about Spidey's latest reboot shall be had here
  2. I'd heard that the movie had feminist moments that fitted in really well (as in not being obnoxious, but genuine), did you observe anything such as this?
  3. I mean now that I think about it, yeah. There was a lot of diversity in the cast, which I'm always happy with. And yeah, it wasn't obnoxious or self-congratulatory like some movies do it.

    Also, it's all but confirmed that Miles Morales exists in MCU, so maybe sometime in the future we may have 2 Spider-men, which is always exciting.
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  4. Holland definitely nails both but I think I have a little too much nostalgia for Tobey but I would agree if you wanted Spider-Man to be portrayed 100% correctly on the screen. In Homecoming that's it. I do wish it was a little more focused though, it felt just a little bit MCU heavy. Just a tad.
  5. I saw this conclusion somewhere but it's one that I highly agree with:
    Tobey Maguire played an excellent Peter Parker. Geeky nerd that has trouble socially but gains super-powers and has to learn how to use them properly.

    Garfield played an excellent Spider-Man. Deems it a responsibility to keep his city safe but is usually a sarcastic nuisance to his enemies as he smugly taunts them during combat.

    Holland is a beautiful blend of the two.

    And I personally loved how they were able to mix Spider-man in with the rest of the MCU. I love that Toomes gets his Vulture-tech from the New York battle remnants, and I love how Stark acts as a father figure to Peter. I also like that we get to see how a teenager's life in high school is affected by all of the ensuing world battles with aliens, maniacal robots, and galactic warmongers (Captain America in instruction videos, cheerleaders discussing which hero they like, etc.) I feel that Spider-man entangled with MCU is just the fresh take he needed
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  6. I can agree with that. The Amazing Spider Man 2 really screwed with Garfields Spider Man though as there was a scene where he was literally making jokes while causing destruction in his path...that isn't spider man. That's just wrong. It's a shame because Garfield had so much potential. Clearly Sony didn't care on that one. Yes, Sony and not Marc Webb as really it was their movie. Marc is a great director that got screwed over if anything. Wasted production there. This is why Homecoming is so refreshing. They all do it well though.
  7. Great, I've watched Spiderman movies since I was young so if this is as good as you say it is then that's awesome. Thanks.
  8. TASM 2 was just... it just wasn't good at all
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  9. yeah, it was kind of like so what did we learn from spider-man 3? oh that it's unfocused and it has too many villains. We'll throw in even more villains and pull another spider man 3 but worse and for a first sequel. It was so crammed in and so over the top it makes 3 look like a masterpiece because it can't even be called a film. It's essentially a music video.
  10. It seems like it will be good. I actually really want to see it, but I know it won't move past the realm of entertaining and funny.
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  11. Anyone else notice that the rubble scene is pretty much ripped straight from a comic? ASM #33
    That's honestly pretty awesome. Good scene too
  12. oh I didn't notice, that's pretty badass though
  13. Yeah, this is the cover for it. You get the idea:
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