Submit your questions for an EXCLUSIVE interview with ORIGINAL FALLOUT Developers

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  1. Hello everyone, I saw that PR of Obsidian was on facebook doing an AMA and i decide to reach out, bringing up the site and telling about or recent interview with chris and some of our history with youtubers yada yada yada
    I secured us an interview with some of the dudes for the 20th ann of fallout

    So please, submit your questions!! I will do my best to make sure that the best ones get asked and that credit is given to the asker


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  2. When did you join Black Isle and/or Obsidian?

    What has been your favorite project to work on thus far?

    Without breaking NDA, are you excited about any future projects? Is there anything you can say?:)

    What is your inspiration? Books, other games, childhood dreams, family, etc

    Are there any other developers that you think are doing the "right" thing in the industry, if so could you elaborate?

    What are your thoughts on Virtual Reality?

    Have you played Fallout 4? Thoughts?

    What other games, if any, do you play?

    Would you personally ever want to work on another Fallout game? Is so, would what be the setting or some major themes

    Do you prefer licensing an IP or having your own?

    If you could create a game, with an unlimited budget and no corporate interference, what would it look like?
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    If you could change one thing about each Fallout game, what would it be?

    What's your favorite Fallout game?

    There's a lot of valid complaints levied toward Bethesda about lore inconsistencies (pre-war jet, Pre-war enclave power armor in Nuka World, T-60 power armor, etc). What are your thoughts on the importance of lore and how to avoid inconsistencies?

    I've been playing Pillars of Eternity recently in preparation for PoE 2. I quite like it, but still, I'm not a huge fan of the isometric style. If you could, would you make PoE 3 fully 3d like Fallout 4 or The Witcher 3?

    Do you personally prefer to make fantasy games or Sci-fi/post apocalyptic games?

    What's a franchise you've never helped develop but would like to work on in the future?

    Into which game do you think you've contributed some of your best work?
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  4. I'd like to know a mit about Kotor 2, original plans, and plans that were changed/altered, som information about the characters they included or didn't include.

    and their feelings on the Restored content mod for Kotor 2,

    in my honest opinion i love kotor 2 like 100 times more than 1 in every way :D
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  5. i told allout about ti all but havent got a reply, if i dont get one by this time tomorrow, i will begin contacting them to pursue the interview. will like get 10-20 questions from sb along with some of mine from above, and hopefully will establish a connection to do this in the future and maybe even have an AMA
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  6. 1. I think its common knowledge by now that Fallout 2 went through multiple different ideas and plots - One including Super Mutant army slaves, and another involving lobotomites. Do you think you could elaborate on some of these different ideas to give us an idea of what Fallout 2 could have been if things went differently?

    2. What do you think the major benefits and advantages to Computer RPGs are versus tabletop role-playing - Other than the ability to play with just yourself?

    3. After Vampires: Bloodlines, what do you think would have been Troika's next project had it not failed financially?

    4. How long has the Super-Secret Project Indiana been in development? Did it spark after the PoE Kickstarter or was it pitched even before that?

    5. Lastly, and this is a very general question that I'd love to ask a multitude of devs - What area of games, as an entertainment medium, do you think have yet to be explored, expanded on, or reach their full potential? This definitely includes Role Playing Games.
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  7. these are all good!
  8. Can't wait for Fallout: New Gary
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  9. 1. How did you become a game designer?

    2. Broad question, but you can keep it brief. How do you approach the game design process?

    3. What are the greatest challenges when creating an "old school" isometric rpg?

    4. Any advice for designers trying to get in the industry?
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  10. @Monte should be setting everything up
  11. sent to mikey and obsidian, waiting for a response.
    either about when theyll do it, or with the questions answered

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