The Expanding Empire of Xbox



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The Expanding Empire of Xbox
Microsoft is eyeing a major move that would shake up the gaming industry, but what will that be?

With Xbox wanting to revive the ever infamous series of Fable, and directive changes such as Phil Spencer moving up the Microsoft chain of command, it is ever apparent that big change is coming for Microsoft; and thus the industry as a whole. Although it has not been confirmed by the company directly, a Polygon source that is a "very reliable insider for Microsoft", has informed Polygon that Microsoft is looking to expand their hold in the industry. The strategy, as reported by the insider, involves Microsoft buying an already well-known publisher. While Microsoft isn't actively pursuing any companies as of yet, it is certainly eyeballing a few well renowned industry majors.

Gaben to Xbox?

One of which that has been heavily speculated is Valve inc. Valve has remained a PC gaming giant and massive distributor in that industry since the launch of Steam, the dominant PC video game market. Although they have certainly taken a few steps away from developing games, they still have widely loved IPs and franchises such as Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike, Portal, Team Fortress, and the ever awaited Half Life. While they would gain and hopefully develop these IPs, they would also gain an extremely large chunk of the gaming market. Although the probability of the purchase is completely up in the air (and would probably cost Microsoft well over a $1 billion), it will certainly change the industry forever, and split the community in half. On one side, the likely hood of Half Like 3 rises dramatically, on the other, Microsoft would control and possibly monopolize the market.

The Fall of the Evil EA Empire, and the Rise of a New Order?

Another choice for Microsoft that has also been heavily speculated is EA, the scourge of the industry. The likelihood of this is somewhat lower, arguably lower than the purchase of Valve (the actual purchase cost would also be much much higher, in the tens of billions). But if it did happen, it could definitely do some good for the average gamer. While Xbox has some shortcomings, they aren't exactly stupid (Or as stupid as everyone makes them out to be). Handling a large industry giant such as Electronic Arts is a task Microsoft would handle with the up-most care. Large franchises such as FIFA, Battlefield, and possibly Star Wars (if Disney let's them keep the rights), will be completely owned by Microsoft. It would be likely they became Xbox exclusives, including the Play Anywhere on PC. On a bright note, the scuminess and overall evil nature of EA would probably diminish, or lessen greatly. However, this scenario is unlikely, as EA is still a massive company, and it is doubted that Microsoft would want to acquire them in the first place.

The Safe Bet

The third, and most likely choice, would be PUBG Corp. They've already shown interest the game by moving it to the Xbox itself, so buying the company, which is still relatively small despite it's massive success, would be an easy feat for Microsoft. However, there's one issue that comes with this. How would this acquirement be attractive to consumers? PUBG, the game the developers are known for, is already on the Xbox (it would likely prevent its PS4 release however). The only thing Microsoft would gain in this purchase in another company to develop some random new IP. Although this purchase would be easy, the appeal of it is trivial to most.

In the end it is up in the air as to how Microsoft will take it's next step. One scenario, that is a favorite to myself and the SB staff, is the purchase of the much loved indie developer, Obsidian Entertainment. Their track record is unbelievable, developing titles that are considered to be the best ever made (New Vegas, KOTOR 2, Pillars of Eternity). The time and care they put into each release is outstanding. If Microsoft were to purchase them, have them create original exclusives with full funding. It would make the Xbox a must have console for RPG fans. However, Obsidian serves a rather niche audience, so this scenario is rather unlikely, but we can always hope in our dreams.

What do you think Microsoft will do? Got an idea of who they should acquire? Sound off in the comments below!

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