Vault 44

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  1. "Only apple jam."
  2. ''that's what i wanted anyways'' Deckard smiles as he nods.
    ''And uh... could i have a drink of water with that ?''
  3. "Its all in the meal, sir!" The robot gives Deckard a tray with the desired meal.
  4. ''Thanks'' Deckard smiles and sits down at the nearest table waiting for the porridge to cool off.
  5. It happens to be right next to Ron and William. When Deckard approaches he can hear Ron talking some technobabble.
  6. "Hmm, well, that's a bummer," William says and continues eating the porridge. "You're gonna be a network engineer, right, so I'm sure they'll set you up with something more powerful to work with."
  7. "Probably not, my job is keeping the Vaults networks running, the stronger computers go to scientists and for running the Vault's automated systems. All the Vault's terminals use the same network anyway."
  8. "I don't suppose you could make a computer or anything, could you?" William asks nonchalantly.
  9. "A terminal? Or a server? Maybe I could figure it out, but thats not really my forté. And it wouldn't be much use because, well, I can technically access- nevermind actually."
  10. "No, please tell me. I'm curious," William replies with a slightly lowered voice. "I can keep a secret if that's what you're worried about."
  11. "I-its nothing." Ron returns to eating his porridge.
  12. William shrugs and goes back to the porridge
    After a few minutes, William gets and approaches a guard. "Hello, sir, I asked for an appointment with the leader of the vault the other day. Will he see me?"
  13. "I'm afraid the Overseer is very busy. Why do you need to see him?"
  14. "I have some concerns with how things are being run," William begins gesturing with his hands as he speaks. "I wanted to ask him some questions or maybe offer some suggestions on how to improve things. What's he so busy with?"
  15. "I can send any messages to them if you need."
  16. "No, I, uh, I prefer a face-to-face. What's the Overseer so busy with?"
  17. "The Overseer has a lot of work to do. I'm afraid I have to go now." Without waiting for an answer, the guard turned his back and left.
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    William looks at him in bewilderment. "What the hell?" He mutters and goes back to the cafeteria looking for Ron.
  19. ((Jack?))
  20. ((What's your character's name?))

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