What are your E3 hype levels?



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This started as a sort of Twitter trend, but I figured it'd make a good thread. Here are all the major E3 conferences. Rate your hype levels from 1-10 and explain them.

Square Enix
Devolver Digital
PC Gaming Show

My list:
Ubisoft: 6 (Eh, not too hyped for this one, but I'm interested in seeing what they'll have to show. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey? Watch Dogs 3? Splinter Cell? I'm listening. Also, Yves is bested only by Todd Howard.)
Bethesda: 10 (I can't wait for this shit. Rage 2 looks dope. Take me hooome, country roads, to the plaace I BELOOOONG. Another RPG from BGS is a real possibility also. And Monte's Moon DLC!!!! What a time to be alive.)
EA: 3 (I'm interested to see some more about Battlefield V, but otherwise, I don't give a shit.)
Sony: 4 (I don't have a PS4 as of yet, and this is supposed to be a smaller conference without many reveals. Meh.)
Microsoft: 8 (Possible Fable IV and Cyberpunk 2077 reveals have me pretty damn excited. I'm not too interested in anything else, but I'll stay tuned.)
Nintendo: 3 (They'll probably have some good shit, but I have no plans to get a switch.)
Square Enix: 5 (I feel like they'll probably have some good stuff, but I'm not interested in anything specific.)
Devolver Digital: 1 (I've never played anything from them. I'll be skipping out on this one.)
PC Gaming Show: 4 (Their conference is usually a bloated, cringe-fueled clusterfuck, but maybe we'll see something cool like more Imperator: Rome and another Civilization VI expansion.)


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Ubisoft 2 - Hoping for a new Splinter Cell but I'm not expecting anything
Bethesda 10 - I don't think I need to explain this :)
EA 0 - Ditto ^
Sony 8 - TLOU2, Ghosts of Tsushima, etc
Microsoft 4 - Not interested in anything they have unless it's Fable 4
Nintendo 0 - Don't care for Nintendo
Square Enix 6 - Interested in KH3
Devolver Digital 7 - Serious Sam 4 as well as other great indies, and their last conference was legendary
PC Gaming Show 3 - Just don't know what to expect and don't really care
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Ubisoft - 6
Ehh. New AC Confirmed. Perhaps new splinter cell instead of a watchdogs game? Skull and bones (idc bout it just bringing it up) Love ubi, kinda, but cant ever think of anything theyll BLOW ME AWAY with. just your typical, ya know. still somewhat excited

Bethesda - 9
Excited to see what all Bethesda has to offer from Fallout 76, Rage 2, and all of the unconfirmed games from the publisher :)

EA - 5
Excited for Battlefield V and looks at new star wars games. thats about it. damn ea lol

Sony - 3
Excited for new, innovative games but i'm an xbox dude

Microsoft - 9
Halo, Gears, New Exclusives, Indie games, etc. So excited every year. This is my most hyped platform show, bethesda being my most hyped publisher show

Nintendo - 2
Cool stuff that i love to follow but i dont own anything modern nintendo

Square Enix - 6
Life is Strange 2, is all that comes to mind atm

Devolver Digital - ?
Had to look it up, i did know what this was but didnt know it. not excited, seems to all be stuff thatll go under my radar
wont be watching

PC Gaming Show - 5
Excited for all cool shit, but like i said before. Xbox. and i wont watch this one


Copy Pasted from my Twitter:
Ubi - 1
Bethesda - 9
EA - 5
Sony - 0
Microsoft - 7
Nintendo - 1
Square - 0
Limited Run - 0 (??? Never heard of em I dont think)
Devolver - 5
PC - 2


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Ubisoft - 1
Bethesda - 8
EA - 1
Sony - 1
Microsoft - 2
Nintendo - 3
Square-Enix - 1
Devolver - 7
PC - 6

Reasonable numbers I'd say, given past history and what I know IS coming


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Bethesda- a little

thats it im not a nerd i dont know what all these business nerds are planning