What should we do with North Korea?

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  1. Fuck yeah lets get political!

    What do you all think is the best course of action against North Korea?

    Its a very tight situation.

    Im no political or military strategist, but personally I think we should tell North Korea to destabalize their nuclear facilities and form a new democratic system. We give them a month or so to start this process, and if they do not then we warn china and invade with military force. We topple the kim regime and destroy nuclear facilities. We establish a democracy and arrest all members of the regime as POWs and then pull out, letting the people of NK decide their fate.
  2. That's how you start a war. Sadly, I don't have a better answer.
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  3. I'd say give them the option to either abide by our rules and regulations or else they will be completely cut off from the outside world so they arent getting any resources from outside countries.
  4. They already do that. Literally no countries trade with them except China, China supplies their entire country and we have no leverage over China.
  5. Oh whoops fuck me, I don't pay attention to politics XD
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  6. kill em
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  7. Ignore them. I don't think they will do it. Keep watch for threats. It's not our place t decide what system of government another country has.
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  8. At this point, I think it's clear we should've nipped this in the bud years ago. Now that we've allowed the situation to get so out of hand, we don't have any good options as the Kim regime is incredibly dangerous with the power to easily destroy cities like Seoul and Tokyo in addition to parts of the US. Right now, I think we need to consider the implementation of an embargo against China in conjunction with the rest of the western world. I don't think we'll ever denuclearize NK unscathed without full Chinese co-operation which means we need more leverage. In addition, I think we need to ramp up missile defence in South Korea, Japan, and the western US. If military action becomes necessary, we need to make sure these places don't get destroyed by the Kim regime.
  9. subvert the kim regime by showing the emoji movie in it's movie theatres, it's culture will crumble in a matter of weeks and that'll be that
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  10. Could this work i feel like this would have some impact
  11. I hope people in North Korea will start a revolution, but I just don't think it's our place to get involved. All we can do is be prepared, and let them know if they do it we will strike back, that's it
  12. I get that we can't be the world's policeman toppling dictators left and right, but this regime headed by a madman could soon gain the ability to destroy the world. We'll have to do something eventually to protect ourselves and our allies
  13. Unfortubately the situation in Korea has been deteriorating for decades. The people are so locked down that a revolution is highly unlikely to happen. By just sitting back and cutting off there trade we have done nothing but increase the virtriol and hatred that the Kim family has been able to spread throughout the country. Those in power truely seem to belive that we want nothing so much as to destroy them body and soul.

    The only practicle thing to do at this point is ramp up our counter missle systems and hope. Anything more than that will insitigate a war that at the very least will see south Korea devastated and Worst case will potentially instigate another world war.

    I just hope they never getting a sucessfull EMP capable warhead mounted to one of their missels. They dont need to actually hit anyone with a Nuke if they can destroy half the worlds electrical Grid.
  14. Nuke them
  15. I'm completely ignoring all previous replies, so I'm not sure what has and hasn't already been said.

    Most common people don't really think N. Korea is a threat at all, and that in itself is what makes N. Korea a threat. Ironic. Not only have they shown time and time again that they have a successful nuclear arsenal, they brag about it. While their arsenal surely isn't as grand as America's is, any nuclear weaponry is still a force to be reckoned with. They also have American POWs, so simply nuking them into oblivion is out of the picture.

    The scariest part about N. Korea is that they don't seem to care at all when the entire free world tells them to back down. I'm not a pacifist in the slightest, and while I don't advocate sending in the Marines onto the North Korean mainland or shit like that, it's obvious that peaceful diplomacy isn't going to accomplish anything.
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  16. NK is getting fukd rn. China is sanctioning them they are going to fall in such a economic ruin they either change the way they act or start a war. Both of which would be "good" for us because
    1. chaning the way they act will be the peaceful solution, probably will include denucrelization.
    2. if they start a war then they have the lower hand, the Kim regime will be toppled (with casualities and other horrors of war ofcourse) and the country will probs go into civil war, but at least they won't have nukes anymore.
    NK has too much propaganda. The common individual actually might believe their leaders are gods. Freeing the county isn't as easy as just sending in an army and saying "be a democracy now".
  17. We can't just wait and hope for a revolt before they test one of their nuclear weapons on another country. The North Korean people are brainwashed since birth (or so all reports say), which means with few exceptions they will never revolt and those who do are killed as a lesson to others. They believe that their way of life is superior to every other country in the world, that the Kim Dynasty are gods.

    So the only way to fight this would be as Allout suggested, show them something that completely contradicts/destroys their entire reality. That would be the seed of revolution, then once the majority have broken through the conditioning (a year or so, with other anti-propaganda media) send Liberator type pistols down like the Allies did in WW2 then send in Marines/supplies to assist the rebellion. Honestly, that's the best way I imagine defusing the situation in North Korea. Every scenario is bad, but I think this is the most preferable of them all.

    A war would just result in them sending civilians to fight and die as well as nuclear weapons being tossed around, and when we get into the country the people will see us as foreign invaders rather than liberators. Cutting off all trade with them (even China) would just result in the populace dying (even more) while the elite are fine, and NK would blame the US and everyone else for the peoples' suffering.

    I don't know, that's just my two cent on the matter.
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  19. iiii SAaaayy we TIP SOMETHING OOVVERRR
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  20. oh man why are you not a US general?!

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