CHRIS AVELLONE INTERVIEW PART 1 (originally posted 10/31/16)


Chris Avellone is a legend in the gaming industry, and has worked on some of the greatest western RPG's of all time like Fallout 2, New Vegas, KOTOR 2, and more. Last fall, I had the chance to send him some questions via email. Chris was gracious enough to give me some good responses. This is Part 1 of that interview and the main topics are Chris' time at Obsidian and his thoughts on Bethesda/Fallout 4. Scroll down for Part 2 which discusses a wide array of topics including New Vegas, quest writing, and South Park: SOT . The long awaited Part 3 which will mainly be discussing Prey will be released sometime in the near future. Stay Tuned!

SB: In an interview with Inside Gaming in 2013, you mentioned that one of the locations you’d like to see a hypothetical new Fallout game from Obsidian be located is New Orleans, Louisiana. Now Obsidian has confirmed that they are working on a “Project Louisiana”. This along with Obsidian’s interest in the location as stated before, along with JE Sawyer tweeting out Lousiana “Field Notes” seems to indicate that Obsidian is working on a game set there. Now, this obviously doesn’t mean it has to be a Fallout game, but what do you think it is about Louisiana and New Orleans from your experiences with Obsidian that makes them want to set a game there?

CA: States have been publicly revealed as codenames for Obsidian projects. I can't reveal what they are actually doing.

So you know, the person who had the idea for New Orleans isn't there any longer (he left many years ago, not long after the mass layoffs), and the last person to publically advocate the desire to do a Fallout game has also departed the studio.

SB: Secondly, was “Project Louisiana” in any sort of development when you...