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  1. ODgoon

    Best Bioware game?

    Mass Effect 2
  2. ODgoon

    Telltale Games’ Closing: What Does This Mean for Episodic Adventure Games?

    Telltale Games’ Closing: What Does This Mean for Episodic Adventure Games? By ODgoon Telltale Games, the studio behind properties like the Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and Minecraft: Story Mode, laid off around 90% of their 250 person studio on September 21st, 2018. Telltale was in the...
  3. ODgoon

    Telltale to shut down

    Its crazy to see them gone, I was really looking forward to Wolf 2
  4. ODgoon

    Should we get upset about downgrades?

    If the game's selling point is the visuals and they were not up to par on release, I could see why there would be backlash. Spiderman's selling point is not the visuals, even though the game looks great in terms of graphics so its not a big deal there.
  5. ODgoon

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey is reportedly 100 hours

    It could be like a Shadow of War scenario, where to get the "true" ending the player would need to grind all the side quests and repetitive activities
  6. ODgoon

    Teslagrad: Game Design 101

    Teslagrad: Game Design 101 By ODgoon Hardship, mystery, and a sprinkle of Russian steampunk; these are just some elements of what Teslagrad has to offer. Released in 2013 by Norwegian indie developer Rain Games, there is a good chance you have not heard of this game. I did not know of this...
  7. ODgoon

    Metro Book Series

    The station names are a pain to pronounce and remember XD
  8. ODgoon

    Metro Book Series

    I just finished the first book and found it very interesting, but depending on the version you get there might be some print errors though. The book definitely offers more in worldbuilding and atmosphere, but the games did a great job with that as well. It also has interesting philosophical and...
  9. ODgoon

    Question What games inspired by Tolkien's universe would you like to see?

    The Middle Earth games are similar to AC, but I think a fleshed out RPG would be really awesome if executed correctly.
  10. ODgoon

    Question What games inspired by Tolkien's universe would you like to see?

    I have been a fan of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit since I was a kid and loved playing all the different games that came out back then. The Hobbit movies, "Shadow of ..." games, and recently announced TV show have brought the LOTR universe back into the spotlight, but I feel like the...
  11. ODgoon

    What battles/fronts would you like to see in Battlefield V

    Italy, Pacific theater, also can't go wrong with some Stalingrad
  12. ODgoon

    Who is your favorite Fallout New Vegas companion?

    Cass, ED-E
  13. ODgoon

    Question What Games Will Succeed or Flop in Fall 2018?

    Fall 2018's lineup is STACKED with big name games like RDR2, Battlefield V, Fallout 76 and more. Lots of games will find commercial success this time of year, but many gamers do not have the extra cash to buy every big name title at release. Which games do you think will dominate the fall and...
  14. ODgoon

    Politics in games

    Agreed, games should not have politics for the sake of "owning the libs" or "owning the cons"
  15. ODgoon

    Politics in games

    Bioshock did a great job with this, showing the dangers of Ayn Rand's philosophy by actually digging deep into the issues like showing healthcare in vending machines and a lack of social fabric in Rapture where everyone kind of fends for themselves.
  16. ODgoon

    Will Fallout 76 manage to tell a good story?

    I think Fallout 76 will tell some small enjoyable side stories through environments, terminals, and lore but probably not much more than that.
  17. ODgoon

    Weapons you want to see in 76

    I want to see a repeater rifle of some sort, that gun was fun to use in NV even though it was kind of crap. The gameplay trailer had the player with a gun that looked like a MG42, which i thought was really cool. More WW2 era weapons would be dope.
  18. ODgoon

    2018 Steam Summer Sale

    I think I will pick up Firewatch and Pyre, maybe Fallout NV because I have not played that game in awhile
  19. ODgoon

    Fallout 76 Discussion Thread (11/14/18)

    Yea it does borrow ideas from Rust and Ark, but I was thinking combat similar to DayZ but more streamlined. They are all similar games just with mechanics tweaked but yea DayZ is an extreme for survival hardcore.
  20. ODgoon

    Fallout 76 Discussion Thread (11/14/18)

    The vibe I am getting is a more accessible/polished DayZ experience with a different spin, which I think is cool in the Fallout universe