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  1. Obama

    Question Have you ever seen a ghost?

    Anyone got any cool paranormal stories post em here.
  2. Obama

    Red Dead Redemption Review (No Spoilers)

    The game is pretty good.
  3. Obama

    Question What is the best sandwich filling?

    What is the best sandwich filling? pretty self explanatory.
  4. Obama

    What is your food from your country?

    What is your favourite cuisine from your country?
  5. Obama

    BFV Beta impressions.

    So I played a bit of the bfv beta and the game is pretty good. First thing first the game is very buggy from the endless amount of respawn bugs that plague the game to the broken ragdolls but it's only a beta and I hope the finished product will be polished. The infantry combat in bfv is very...
  6. Obama


    Occupied is a Norwegian series about Norway being invaded peacefully by Russia because their prime minister Jesper Berg stops selling EU gas and oil. It's good a few plot holes mainly due to a lack of budget give it a watch of you want. It's on netflix I think and a second season comes out soon.
  7. Obama

    No Man's Sky Multiplayer News

    So I recently bought no man's sky it's pretty cool and it's adding actual multiplayer this month so if you didn't refund it and want to get value for your money go reinstall it maybe when the multiplayer releases. They have added a lot since release too.
  8. Obama

    Fallout 4 companions

    When playing fallout 4 previously, I didn't recruit many companions, and when I did, I'd often send them to the sanctuary fairly quickly. Over the past few weeks, I've been replaying fallout 4 again and have had a good time trying to recruit all the companions I can. Who is your favorite...
  9. Obama

    Black Mass

    Black mass is a crime film in Boston that is based of the character Eddie Winter it's pretty cool watch it if you want to EDIT: the film is on Netflix for those who read my review and decided it is such a good review i should watch the film
  10. Obama

    What happend to the cool ai

    In oblivion they had some kick asscool bean ai and then it disappeared to morrowind level except they move. The schedules were reduced in skyrim and in fallout 4 but why it was the coolest feature
  11. Obama

    Anyone got a nice settlement

    Anyone got a nice settlement
  12. Obama

    Rant I found a bug.

    So I am a user of sugarbombed I use the site most days its pretty good. Though recently I noticed there was a game breaking bug. What's the bug that breaks the site for me? Arch isn't a mod this must be a bug as no one would unintentionally not make him mod. @guul66 @Arch
  13. Obama

    Question What can you do with a fidget spinner

    I can spin it really fast @guul66
  14. Obama

    What Is Best Film Ever

    What is your favourite film and why. For me the best film is rat race.
  15. Obama

    Daggerfall builds

    Anyone got any good daggerfall builds?
  16. Obama

    Favourite super hero tv show

    What is your favourite super hero TV or Netflix show
  17. Obama

    Favourte Jake/Logan Paul song

    What is your favourite logan and jake paul song
  18. Obama

    Art Exhibition

    Please post lovely artwork here