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  1. Veth

    Deep Silver pulling Metro Exodus from Steam in favor of the Epic Store

    Personally I probably wouldn't get it now. Pulling it from a major (Maybe THE) major platform is crazy. Plenty of large developers have their own platform (Like EA with FIFA) that you have to use, these are multiplayer games usually, but they can support that because they release multiple AAA...
  2. Veth

    Best Bioware game?

    Glad to disappoint you bud mjlaugh
  3. Veth

    What are your top 5 Ubisoft games?

    Just my personal picks. Mostly nostalgia and stuff but doesn't really reflect any indication on how *good* they are, more just personal impact on me. 1. Assassins Creed Black Flag (Sea Shanties) 2. Far Cry 3 3. Ghost Recon Wildlands 4. Splinter Cell (The original, it revolutionised how I looked...
  4. Veth

    What's your favorite Rockstar game?

    I haven't played RDR2 yet so I can't say that, although I probably would if I had played it because for a solid few weeks @allout didn't stop tweeting about it arnoldcigar So I'mma go with GTA2 because nostalgia :)
  5. Veth

    Best Bioware game?

    The best series, or one I enjoyed the most was Dragon Age. Honestly I liked Inquisition the most though, it was like a culmination of everything, after all the history carried through to this and the setup of the newly announced DA4 I just can't ignore it's particular impact to me.
  6. Veth

    What's the best country in the world?

    I think this thread is entirely subjective. It all depends where you feel most comfortable, if that's because of Pride because it's your home, the culture because it intrigues you, the climate or the opportunities it's all down to what YOU want. That being said the best place I could imagine...
  7. Veth

    What Games Are You Looking Forward To In 2019?

    Very hype for Resident Evil 2 remake. I played the original pretty much on launch back in 1998.. Wow has it been that long... Cyberpunk is the dream, I'll settle if it's just Outer Worlds that's released next year though. FIFA 20 also. If they actually capitalise on their newfound licensing...
  8. Veth

    What is your food from your country?

    Having a pretty mixed background and living in a really multicultural society it's hard to choose. Might have to settle for something traditionally associated with the UK, toad in the hole. That's sausages in the same batter Yorkshire puddings are made of. It's pretty cheap, filling, delicious...
  9. Veth

    Question Christmas Plans? (2018)

    If I have to work I will, otherwise a quiet day in with the roommates and some beers. I'm not really a seasonal person, but Merry Christmas anyway guys.
  10. Veth

    Post your Setup!

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Motherboard: MSI X370 Gaming+ Memory: 2x16gb Corsair Dominator 3200Mhz Storage: 1X Samsung 970Evo M.2 250GB(Boot) - 1X Seagate FireCuda SSHD 1TB GPU: NVIDIA MSI 1070Ti PSU: Corsair RM1000X Mouse: Roccat Lua Keyboard: ElementGaming EBBST-801ER Microphone: Blue Yeti...
  11. Veth

    Favorite games (played) of 2018

    Honestly most of the games I've played recently are older titles I've just decided to try but... 1. Ghost Recon Wildlands (A little repetitive but pretty addictive) 2. Slime Rancher (Great soundtrack, relaxing and colourful) 3. PC Building Simulator (Adding new components regularly, actually...
  12. Veth

    FIFA 19 Discussion Thread

    FIFA 19 is just around the corner, courted by controversy with Beta participants stating no real changes (even for a FIFA title) and bolstered by the fact that EA have (finally) secured UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League licensing at the expense of Konami's PES. Other than that, how...
  13. Veth

    The Alex Jones Situation

    Because people have tried to argue or engage him in discourse but he either keeps going or gets proven wrong and moves onto a new topic. This is probably just a case of the straw that broke the camels back. As for more people following him? I think that would have happened either way, but he'll...
  14. Veth

    Who is your favorite Fallout New Vegas companion?

    Arcade just because sarcastic dick.
  15. Veth

    How will you play Fallout 76?

    Merchant would be interesting. Probably Merchant.
  16. Veth

    Selfie thread?? ... Selfie thread.

  17. Veth

    The Official 'Get To Know You' Thread

    Oh we had a little cliqué together. Like the avengers but not really like the avengers at all.
  18. Veth

    The Meetch Meme Recap

    If I could suggest one thing it would be increasing the dankness payload by 34% and shedding some of the unnecessary salt content. Enjoyed this though.
  19. Veth

    Why don't you love me anymore old man?? I'm kidding, happy birthday friend! I'm your gift. A...

    Why don't you love me anymore old man?? I'm kidding, happy birthday friend! I'm your gift. A brand new old member.
  20. Veth

    The Official 'Get To Know You' Thread

    Real Name: Bjørn Age: 26 Where do you live?: England Favourite colour?: Green What is your first language?: English Do you speak any other languages? If so, which ones?: Norwegian Have you ever traveled out of your home country? Where?: Norway Do you prefer books or movies?: Books Single...