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Discussion in 'EA' started by Eddie, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Anthem is a new up-coming Science Fiction RPG developed by Bioware and published by EA. Here we will discuss all things Anthem.

  2. It kinda makes me sad because I loved the old school Bioware CRPGS. I don't have a problem with actions RPGs, there just aren't many crpgs. Anthem doesn't seem to have much of an emphasis on RPG mechanics, but I'm not saying it won't be good though
  3. The prophecy that foretells the fall of Bioware begins with a lackluster Dragon Age Sequel, and finally ends with an attempt to make Destiny for the 3rd time
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  4. I think Dragon Age 2 is interesting, it has lot of flaws, but overall good I think. Mass Effect 2 is overall a good time too, with a broken plot, but really good characters and side quests.
  5. I liked 2, I was referencing Inquisition. Alright game, definitely not as bad as ME: Andromeda, but still, lackluster
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  6. I agree, and enjoyed it, but just couldn't come back to it. It it too chorey
  7. Still early to tell what Anthem will really be like. Hard to tell how much RP will be involved. It does appear that Bioware is going all in on this game though. It may end up being a great game for Whatever it is. At this point I dont think I will purchase it untill all the reviews are out and done.
  8. got a feeling this game will fail. looks cool enough but not my type of game.
  9. seems cool lol
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  10. Same here, it seems more like an Action Adventure game, which is cool, I just want a CRPG from like they use to make, but they should make what they want.
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  11. I've kind of lost hope in most triple A studios to make a actually good game for their given budget and resources.
  12. Titanfall 2 is good, Doom(reboot) is good, Wolfenstein is good. There are good triple A games, but yeah a lot of triple A studios are forced to not make good games, but to make markable and profitable games, which is is counterintuitive
  13. yeah, but there were a lot more than 3 triple a games released in the past few years. A good game can be a marketable game, if you think your marketing through a little.

    I can handle decieving marketing if the game under it is any good, but they tend to just make games with only marketing value and no value of maybe building a strong and trusted brand people would want to buy. Bethesda seemed to be one of the last big big triple a companies one could trust for a good game and while they do seem like they listen to critisism (Far Harbor) it still feels like they are also falling into the shit other big triple a make.
  14. Oh yeah, I was just naming a few. Yeah, publishers and studios fall in the trap of thinking of, what's popular needs to be replicated(cod), and when you replicate is never as good.
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  15. Hmm, the suits remind me of Power Armour/Dead Space Armour.
    The description of the game reminds me of Sean Murray's description of MNS.
  16. speaking of, it finally got a multiplayer mode. a launch feature added well over a year after launch. lmao
  17. Anthem lost me with that really cringe inducing gameplay reveal
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  18. It did me too, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's bad either, just bad way to show it.

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