Are lootboxes gambling?

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Do lootboxes constitute gambling?

  1. Yes, so they should be banned

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  2. Yes, so games with lootboxes should be automatically given an M/17+ rating

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  3. Yes, but they shouldn't be legislated

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  4. No

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  1. In the wake of consumer outrage over the implementation of lootboxes in Battlefront II, there's been quite a bit of discussion about whether lootboxes are gambling and what the government should do about it. What are your thoughts?
  2. gambling means you put in money with risk to earn more money. With lootboxes you always earn something, how much is a different question. Also lootbox rewards aren't monetary.
  3. True enough, but does always getting something really make it not gambling? If slot machines always guaranteed at least a penny, I'd still consider that gambling because that's still a risk. From my understanding, gambling rewards don't necessarily have to be monetary but simply something of value.
  4. Gambling needs a risk, but if you always get something then there is no risk.
  5. If I put in $10 and I can get as low as penny or as high as $100, I'd call that a risk.
  6. No. You put something in and are guaranteed something. Any monetary value is decided by the community, and the only other value a lootbox item has is akin to a rare pokemon card which aren't specifically meant to be sold or have a set monetary value. Even if we agreed on Lootboxes being gambling the last thing games need is to be legislated by a bunch of old people who have probably never touched a video game in their lifetime. We can't claim that video games don't cause violence and then turn around and say games can make people gambling addicts.
  7. yEESSSSSS. you take A CHANCE ANd asWhatat you GET isn't ANLKWA ALWAYS the same in price as wHAT you paid for iut. thereFOER it IS so totaYL gambling. will you get gud and open a super cool box? Who KNOWS!? or will you open up a cheap LAME ASS box and get dog shhhhittttttttttttttttttttttttt. yes likely yes yes.
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  8. I just don't see being guaranteed SOMETHING necessarily means it isn't gambling. Again, if I opened up a casino but guaranteed at least a penny return on every bet, it wouldn't discount it as gambling. You're taking a gamble, so it's obviously gambling in my eyes. This whole situation just shows what an overly ambiguous term it is. I agree they shouldn't be legislated, but I also see no reason to ban gambling in general.

  9. eeeeeeeeeyaahahah you know it chum.
  10. Just because it does not fit the definition of gambling does not mean it doesn't take advantage the same way gambling does. Honestly I don't mind microtransactions. If you look at a game like siege that has given me more than enough content for free and has been supported by microtransactions and I got the content because of the microtransactions. I dont mind them but when the system and game mechanics are based around loot boxes then it has gone to far but I don't believe it should be illegal but instead vote with your wallet.
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