Battlefront 2 ONLY sells 9 million copies...

Discussion in 'EA' started by wildhogking, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. To all the demons at EA, it's very surprising and upsetting that their new scam - I mean, game - didn't meet their sales goal of 10 million units sold.

    They only sold 9 million. what a loss am i right ??

    Anyway, EA's first Battlefront game from 2013 sold 13 million units. I'm honestly surprised that despite the controversy Battlefront 2 came relatively close to that number. What's you guys thoughts on this?
  2. I'm glad it underperformed as hopefully it will knock it into these people's heads that microtransactions like these really hurt them in the long-term. I can't wrap my head around how they spent so much on BFII that it's one of the highest budgeted games in history. From what I've played, it seemed very technologically unimpressive and creatively uninspired, so I think there was a lot of waste. If they'd spent less, they'd probably be happy with 9 million.
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