Breath of the Wild - In the Zelda timeline

The consensus is that Breath of the Wild is somewhere in the "hero fails" timeline with A Link to the Past and the older games. This conclusion has been reach by taking a look at the world map, the creatures, and most importantly...links hat

As you may have seen in the recent game theory, which i may link below, all of the links in the hero fails timeline have a yellow band on links hat. This only appears in that timeline and guess what, links hat in Botw has the same band. This, along with having almost the same map as A link to the past and unique enemies only found in that timeline, it has to be that breath of the wild exists in the hero fails timeline. The only quest is where/when. I personally havent had the pleasure to play the game and spend time in it, figuring it all out for myself but it either is before a link to the past, after links awakening, or after the legend of zelda 2: the adventures of link.
Before the game came out i was CONVINCED that the game was in the twilight princess timeline and with cosmetic items such as majors mask, it did not help. lol but those are not canon and while they have only been seen in the other timelines, they not being canon does not disprove the hero fails theory

After years and years of building the timeline and then a good bit of time theorizing where the new game fits, we have been blind to the key all along...the yellow band.
Nintendo really did a number on their timeline.

I haven't played in a month or two prior to the other night, so I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but I recall believing that it has to be a new timeline or multi verse of some sort.

There are things in BOTW that can ONLY occur in their respective timelines, I will have to jump back into the lore so I can explain better.


The Greatest Face in Koridai
Well the cap of the wild's band isn't even yellow, more so a lighter green. And I seriously doubt Nintendo based all the timeline's off a color of a cap. I personally believe in two theories.

Theory A) Adult Timeline. There are two large pieces of evidence that balance towards this choice as the favor. The first one, is the rock salt. The description of the item reads, "Crystallized salt from the ancient sea commonly used to season meals. Cannot be eaten in this form." Now, we know for a fact that Breath of the Wild takes place 10,000 years ahead of any other timeline game, so the Great Flood of WInd Waker is more than eligible to be deemed as ancient. Another piece of evidence is the Rito. They only make their appearance in two Zelda games, Breath of the Wild and Wind Waker. In Wind Waker it is said that they are the evolved form of the Zoras, having to survive the flood, (insert comment about that not being the way evolution works.) But in any case, the Great Flood would have to happen for them to exist. No other timeline works. Another piece to separate from the Child Timeline is the Gerudo, as in Twilight Princess they have completely died out.

Theory B) Timeline Connector. All in all, there is lots of conflicting evidence in Breath of the Wild. One popular theory is the connector one, it's one of my favorites. It states that Breath of the Wild takes place so far in the timeline that the timeline itself doesn't even matter anymore. Note how the previous Zelda titles are referenced in legend only. The only one that's directly referenced and proven to be history is Ocarine of Time, and that takes place in all timelines. In my opinion the timeline is completely obsolete with Breath of the Wild.
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